Thursday, September 12, 2013

Closeups at the Beach

I had to make it a quick trip this morning, since I had to go up the road to Annapolis, pick up a guitar and go to band practice.  As advertised, today was even a hair warmer and more humid than yesterday, but at 9 AM it was pretty tolerable.
Joel told me I was wasting digits on another shot of a Great Blue Heron, but here it is anyway.
Nothing exciting in the butterfly world today, but I did spot this bright neon blue damselfly in the kudzu.  The picture doesn't due the color justice.

A little farther around the beach, past the rocks at Charlie's steps.  What's that sitting on "the posing post"? It's got a white head and black body...
One of the adult eagle was sitting around.  Theres was a freshly dead sea gull lying on the beach nearby, and he might have been watch and praying that red didn't steal it from him.
That's about as close as an eagle has ever let me come.
But he (she or it) has some standards...
Just so you know, I still hunt for sharks teeth.  Hunting has been poor lately; we need a good storm to throw up some fresh material, but I did get this pretty colored little Mako Sharks tooth.

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