Monday, September 23, 2013

The First Day of Fall at the Beach

Fall (at least astronomical fall) started yesterday at 4:44 PM, making today the first full day of fall.  The weather at the beach was definitely autumnal, heavily clouded, blustery, but not too cold, only 58 F or so.  Enough that a long sleeve shirt was welcome, but not life saving.

The mysterious jetty fisherwoman was there today.  While it looks like she has a big fish from the bent pole, I'm pretty sure the only rock she had was the geologic variety.  Been there, done that, many times.
Look, butterflies!  The only ones I saw today.
Not a very photogenic day.
As of a couple of days ago, the Ospreys still hadn't left town (unless the ones I saw were migrants from the north, which is possible, I suppose).
And the young eagle still haven't been forced out to fend for themselves entirely.
But the closeup is a Turkey Vulture, clearly a young one, from the dark head.  There are bunch of the them hanging around the beach, trying oto beat Red to some dead fish.

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