Sunday, May 2, 2021

Keeping Up with the Biden Crime Family

Where's Hunter these days? Cramming to teach his new course on media martyrdom? Mary Chastain at LI, Hunter Biden Will Guest Host Tulane U. Class on ‘Media Polarization’ "This is not a joke. Hunter will speak to a class on fake news. You cannot make up this stuff." Across da pond at Da Mail, Hunter Biden the PROFESSOR: President's son will guest teach a class on 'fake news' at Tulane University this fall for students interested in 'media polarization. "Deep Education" takes care of the "Deep State."

Continuing the story of Hunter's disappearing and reappearing gun, Henry Rodgers at Da Caller reports Republicans Call On Biden’s ATF Director Nominee To Investigate Hunter Biden For Potential Felony. As the Victory Girls note, Biden Demands Gun Control For You, Not Hunter.

Da Caller checked, and 100 Days Into Biden’s Presidency, Hunter Still Owns Stake In Chinese Private Equity Firm, Business Records Show. So who's going going to buy a business who's value depends on being the son of the President? It's a very limited market. Eric Trump? Digging into his records Seamus Bruner and John Solomon find Hunter Biden business ambitions in China included building SeaWorld parks, memos show "Deal involved a former U.S. ambassador to China, a former top Joe Biden aide and a Chinese state-owned bank. "We have all the pieces in place in China to move on this," one email boasted."

On other links to China Natalie Winters at TNP reports Top Biden Adviser’s Brother Lobbying For Tech Firms Linked To Huawei And Chinese Military. What's the point of having a brother in high places if you can't get some of that sweet Chinese cash (pun noticed)? She also points out how Biden Chief Of Staff’s Wife Openly Collaborated With Chinese State Media. Well, somebody has to help suppress the Uyghur genocide. Not everybody has the stomach for it. And the CIA, EXPOSED: Biden’s CIA Director Claims He Cut Ties With Chinese Communists, But His Group Maintains Links. At Stephen Green's PJ Media Insanity Wrap #189: Meet Joe Biden's CCP-Connected Ambassador to China. But I'm sure Biden will talk a tough game against Beijing. 

Speaking of recent Biden appointments Da Caller notes Biden Nominee Denied Working With An Anti-Semitic Poet, But An Academic Journal Shows Otherwise, and Wa Free Bee, Biden DOJ Nominee Conceals Ties To Anti-Semitic Professor "Kristen Clarke edited a journal alongside poet who blamed Jews for 9/11" I've worked with some strange people, but never that strange. Daniel Greenfield at Front Page, Biden Picks Soros BDS Activist as Asst Secretary for Human Rights "Her idea of human rights is cheering the destruction of Israel." The Democrats are now the party of anti-Semitism. I wonder how long it will take a majority of Jews to catch on. 

Da Caller records how the  Senate Confirms Pentagon Nominee Criticized For Past Tweets Attacking Republicans. But, but, bad Tweeeeeeeeets!

Kahl apologized to senators for using “sometimes disrespectful” language in his past tweets, adding that he was “swept up” in the “pretty polarizing” social media environment during Trump’s presidency. He also pledged to take a nonpartisan approach if confirmed as Pentagon policy chief.

Breitbart finds Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm Still Holds Millions in Stocks of Green Business Promoted by Joe Biden and the Wa Free Bee, ‘Worse than Solyndra’: Republicans Press for Information on Biden Admin’s Favorite Electric Battery Company "Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has up to $5 million invested in company Biden promoted."

Granholm said she will sell the Proterra stock within the 180-day window she agreed to when she took the position.

"I've signed an ethics agreement that requires me to divest of all of my individually owned stocks, like all federal appointees, within 180 days, and I certainly will do that," Granholm told Politico on Monday.
After she and Biden promoted the stock well upward. As Tom Lehrer says of the "Old Dope Peddler", doing well, by doing good.

At Bongino, Biden Admin Declares Support for DC Statehood. Of course, it's a pure Democrat power grab. I wish I had faith that the Supreme Court would really stick to the Constitution.

At Am Think, David Agusta wonders Has Joe Biden Committed Impeachable Offenses? To the extent Democrats have lowered the bar in the last two years? Absolutely. But that's a damn low bar. 

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