Monday, September 9, 2013

Eagle Day at the Beach

Cooler and breezier today than yesterday, and with a hint of high clouds moving in.  Still, a great day for a walk on the beach.  Joel and Red beat us there and were completing a lap when we arrived.
The big story of the day was eagles.  They were all over the place. Shortly after we started walking this one flew over, and then...

...landed in the pine tree down from the steps at Calvert Beach. 

Shortly, another set down in the tree behind (and presented a better view.
We even saw one of the Ospreys try to dive bomb the eagle to drive it away.  The eagle just ignored it.
At one time we had 6 eagles in view in the sky at one time (5 in the photo) to the north of us and I'm pretty sure we still had two behind us.  We even saw two get into a fight, although it didn't last long or look too serious.  Maybe just a parent encouraging a youngster to move on and find his own stretch of beach.  Eagles certainly seem to be doing well in this area.

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