Friday, May 6, 2016

High School Student Goes Topless for School Photo

Why I bared my breasts for a school photo:
On the day of an annual photo shoot for the school yearbook, Hanna Bolander's class came up with the idea that one of the girls should bare her breasts, and Bolander volunteered.
. . .
“I just thought: Why shouldn’t I be able to do that if guys can take their tops off? It was kind of spontaneous but I do really care about these questions.”

Bolander pointed out that she had met men with bigger breasts than hers and they never felt the need to keep them under wraps. As a feminist she should be free to reveal as much flesh as the opposite sex, she said.
Now, there's an original thought. I agree with her as a matter of law, but not as a matter of aesthetics.
“I think it’s a social construct that we should think of breasts as such a big deal.”

Bolander, who studies aesthetics and theatre, said she was surprised but pleased that her school had gone ahead and published the yearbook despite their reservations.

Theater and aesthetics? Well, she is practicing for her likely career as pron star. At least she's cute. If she were an American feminist, she'd probably be fat and ugly already.

“My principal and the photo company weren’t thrilled but they respected it and said they just wanted to inform me of the risks.”

Her equally topless male friend was not given any such information, she noted.
Reactions to the photo have mostly been positive she said, and her family gave their full backing despite being “a bit scared”.
. . .
The 19-year-old said she would continue to fight for equal rights, “but I don’t see the need to show my breasts all the time”.
Well, it is Sweden, so we won't see this in the US for at least a couple of months. Possibly in time for school photos next year.

Hanna Bolander has published the full photo on her blog. She's no Victoria Silvstedt, but give her time.

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