Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Red Tsunami Looms?

Less than a week to go before the midterm elections, and things are (still) looking pretty good for the GOP. From Grabien (cited at Haut Hair), "Republicans have massive advantages over Democrats". At Da Caller, ‘Massive Advantages Over Democrats’: NBC Data Guru Reveals Why Dems Could Face November Blowout and Election Forecaster Moves 10 More Blue House Seats Toward GOP Column.  Cook, House Rating Changes: 10 More Blue Districts Move in GOP's Direction. Via The Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.01.22  Legal Insurrection: Pennsylvania Supremes Say Undated Absentee and Mail-In Ballots Can’t Be Counted, NY Times/Siena Poll Gives Dems Edge in Key Senate Races but Notoriously Underestimates Republicans, Cook Political Moves 10 House Races in Blue Districts in Favor of the GOP,  John Sexton at Haut Hair, Cook Political Report shifts 10 races in the GOP's direction: 'weakness in the blue end of the battlefield'. At WaEx, Majority rules: Republicans predicted to have huge House win in new forecast. Matt Vespa at Town Hall sees the HUGE Red Flag for Dems in Latest WSJ Poll, Hispanics and suburban women. ADN America, Democrats in downward spiral among Hispanic Americans in key battleground states. Ace, Wall Street Journal: White (Non-Based) Women Have Shifted from +11 Democrat in August to +15 GOP Now. Capt. Ed, WSJ: GOP has the edge on leadership, economy, enthusiasm -- and direction. Via The Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.01.22 Weasel Zippers: The View Harpies Claim “Crime Is Not On The Rise, It’s Actually Going Down Under Joe Biden”, Fetterman Tries To Explain Inflation, Hilarity Ensues, Joy Reid Claims “Insidious” GOP Conspiracy Is Releasing “Junk Polls” To Create Red Wave False Narrative,

For the Senate, RCP predicts Republicans 54, Democrats 46. At Breitbart, Election Forecaster 538 Shifts Model, Predicts GOP Favored to Retake Senate, which would make Kamala Harris as useful as tits on a boar hog. PM reports Majority of US voters believe GOP will take House, Senate: poll. But at Da Caller, Michael Ginsberg predicts Americans Won’t Know Who Holds The Senate The Day After The Midterms "The secretaries of state in Georgia and Washington and the secretary of the commonwealth in Pennsylvania are unlikely to declare the victors in their Senate races on election night. Rules governing the submission of mail-in ballots in Washington and Pennsylvania mean that a large number will not be counted on election night, while Georgia requires winning candidates to garner at least 50% support." "Cheating Counting takes time."

Da Fetched, Longtime Trump Pollster: Trump ‘Will Come Back, and He Will Be Elected’. I&I, The Press Has Officially Lost Its Grip On Reality. Unofficially, it's been a long time since it was last spotted. 

Via The Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.01.22 Da Tech Guy says Solid support by Democrats for Biden and Fetterman betrays their biggest fault. Nick Arama at Red State wants you to WATCH: Fetterman Falters Again as Don Lemon Busts Him on Fracking Lies.  Fox, Brain-damaged Fetterman again refuses to answer whether doctor will take questions, stumbles through CNN interview "Fetterman said he has been 'very transparent' about his health and skirted the question" PM cites Joe Rogan: Fetterman 'can't form a coherent sentence,' PA senate debate was 'public humiliation'. At Da Caller, Fetterman Says Tax Cuts Are Real Cause Of Inflation, dollars are like Doritos; spend all you want, we'll make more! Free Bacon reminds us Fetterman Touts Endorsements From Celebs Who Want to Defund Police "Singer John Legend says there should be 'significantly fewer police' with less funding." KT at Haut Hair, Oz on surprise endorsement from Fetterman's home paper: 'They've had enough too'. Leighton Woodhouse at The Tablet, How the Media Trains Journalists to Lie "By ‘ratioing’ NBC’s Dasha Burns for questioning John Fetterman’s health, her fellow journalists hid the truth from the public but exposed how they manufacture consent."

 City Journal, The Redstone State? Voter sentiment in Pennsylvania suggests a Republican year. Breitbart, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Orders Election Officials to Set Aside Undated Mail-In Ballots. Spence Brown at Town Hall calls it a 'Massive' Win: PA Supreme Court Rules Undated Mail Ballots Can't Be Counted, Via The Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.01.22, LI, Pennsylvania Supremes Say Undated Absentee and Mail-In Ballots Can’t Be Counted, But will Philly comply? Chris Queen at PJ Media has an odd one, Name Confusion Is Just One Factor in an Intriguing Race in Pennsylvania. Mike Doyle (R) running to replace Mike Doyle (D). Jeff Lord at Am Spec is touting Lisa Scheller and the Rise of a Republican House, "She is a Pennsylvania “Young Gun” and a symbol of the coming red wave."

Stacy McCain, Red Wave Hits New Hampshire? Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, Red tsunami alert? Bolduc slides ahead of Hassan in NH poll. Mary Chastain at LI, New Poll Shows NH GOP Candidate Don Bolduc Leading Incumbent Maggie Hassan, "Another possible pickup for the Republicans."

 Beege Wellborn at Haut Hair, Libertarian drops out of AZ senate race and possible GOP house pick-up. Ace, Libertarian Candidate Drops Out of Arizona Senate Race, Endorses Blake Masters "Actual principles in action." Mary Chastain at LI, Arizona Senate Libertarian Candidate Drops Out, Endorses GOP Candidate Blake Masters, "Will it make a difference?" In the other significant Arizona contest, Breitbart has a Poll: Arizona’s Kari Lake Holds Double-Digit Lead over Democrat Katie Hobbs in Governor’s Race. At WaEx, Paul Bedard observes Networks: 87% of GOP coverage is 'negative,' (the rest are Fox). 100% for Kari Lake. Matt Vespa at Town Hall, Kari Lake Torches the Media: You Idiots Will Fall for Anything. And she should know. Da Fetched, Kari Lake Thanks Liz Cheney: You’re ‘Officially My Biggest Fundraiser to Date’ for her endorsement of Hobbs. Jon Gabriel at CNN opines on  The one word that defines Arizona politics. Contrary. In Nevada, Da Caller reports GOP Challenger Holds Lead Over Dem Governor In Pivotal Swing State.

In Ohio, Da Caller reports Tulsi Gabbard Endorses JD Vance Ahead Of Midterms. Nick Arama has the video, WATCH: Tim Ryan Called out by Audience for Huge Lie During Fox Town HallRNC Research@RNCResearch "Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan says he “absolutely never called for defunding ICE.” Except he signed a pledge in 2019 to defund ICE, end ICE detainers, and decrease immigrant detention by 75%." Paula Bolyard at PJ Media thinks Liz Cheney May Have Just Put the Final Nail in Democrats' Coffin in Ohio Senate Race by endorsing Ryan. Stephen Kruiser at PJ, Liz Cheney Completes Her Pathetic Transition to the Dark Side. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.01.22, at Da Fed, Tristan Justice cynically notes Liz Cheney Endorses Pelosi For Another Term As House Speaker,

KT at Haut Hair has  Good news for Kemp; Final AJC midterm poll: Senate race is neck and neck. At Da Blaze, has a Report: Democrat senator used over $60,000 in campaign funds to pay for 'childcare' – including an $11,000 payment to himself

Beege Wellborn, Methinks Charlie Crist wants to lose and other woeful tales. Sundance at CTH, Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Charlie Crist Says He is Open to Forcing Mask Mandates on Floridians. John Sexton, 'Voter registration has been a disaster': Democrats have lost 330,000 voters in Florida. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.01.22, Shark Tank: DeSantis Closes Out Campaign With “Keeping Florida Free” Ad.

At NYPo Michael Goodwin claims Kathy Hochul’s running a campaign wreck and Nicole Gelinas calls Gov. Hochul’s refusal to fix bail laws  a war on women.  Insty, MALONEY HIT WITH NEW PERSONNEL SCANDAL: "This is getting to be something of a regular occurrence with Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY), who heads the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). 
The Washington Free Beacon’s Collin Anderson reports that Maloney provided a tax-funded staff job to a long-time friend of the New York representative’s husband . . ."

David Strom at Haut Hair, Prediction: Tudor Dixon wins MI governor race "I am going out on a limb. And I should warn you up front, I suck at predictions . . .  Dixon is tied with Whitmer with one week to go, and it is clear that momentum is on her side and not Whitmer’s. It’s glorious." It would be a pleasant surprise. The Free Bacon reports Democrats Are Spending More in This Michigan District Than in Any Other in the Country "The race in Michigan's redrawn Seventh Congressional District, which pits Democratic incumbent Elissa Slotkin against Republican challenger Tom Barrett, a state lawmaker and military veteran, has emerged as one of the most hotly contested in the country. Together, spending from both sides totals nearly $27 million."

Tristan Justice at Da Fed details how Evan McMullin Lies About Campaign’s Use Of Democrat Fundraising Machine. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.01.22, This Ain’t Hell: Election week update – Dems funding conservative candidates.

At ET, Florida Agency Reviewing Ballot Harvesting Complaint Referred by Election Investigation Office.  From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.01.22,  At Da Fed, Shawn Fleetwood reports a FL Democrat Election Official Claimed He Didn’t Know Anything About Ballot-Harvesting Problems. The  Virginia Star says  Virginia Department of Elections Discovers 149,000 More Unprocessed Voter Transactions. Jazz Shaw hears Ohio looks to make noncitizen voting illegal, Democrats upset. From JTN, a Leading election integrity expert says not enough is being done to restore voter confidence.

Two from Sundance at CTH, Tucker Carlson Discusses Leaked Documents Reflecting Direct DHS Portals to Social Media Companies "My suspicious cat sensibilities are triggered by the timing of these “leaked explosive documents,” in relation to the Elon Musk Twitter takeover. That said, here is Tucker Carlson interviewing Intercept journalist Lee Fang" and A Data Point to Understanding the DHS Portal Within Twitter is Found in Transcript of Former CEO Jack Dorsey. Capt. Ed. notes how Democracy dies in editorial darkness: WaPo, NYT, CNN ignore DHS social-media censorship exposé; Update: Journos bravely attack ... the messengers?

More on the Pelosi attack. Sundance, Pelosi Home Had Live CCTV Security Feed, Capitol Police Were Not Watching During Attack But There is a Recording. From the National File, of course, U.S. Capitol Police Chief Asks For More Resources Following Alleged Attack on Paul Pelosi. Gateway, Nancy Pelosi Says Husband Faces “Long Recovery” from “Horrific Attack”. I think she should retire to care for him. At Insty, VODKAPUNDIT PRESENTS YOUR WEEKLY INSANITY WRAP: Hell No, Nancy and Paul Pelosi Don’t Deserve the Decency They Deny Us. “Paul Pelosi suffered a terrible assault, and the Left’s reaction has me asking a question nobody wants the answer to — but it’s also the answer we need. At NYPo, Megyn Kelly throws shade on Paul Pelosi investigation: ‘The SFPD has egg on its face’ “I know enough to smell a rat,” the former Fox News and NBC star said during her podcast on Monday. During an interview with Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) on her SiriusXM podcast on Monday, Kelly blasted any notion that the attack on Paul Pelosi, 82, was politically motivated, pointing out that the suspect, David DePape, 42, is a “lunatic.” KT at Haut Hair, Did Kari Lake mock the attack on Paul Pelosi on the campaign trail? No, but that doesn't keep journolists from claiming that. At Mediaite, Whoopi Goldberg Blames Fox News for Political Violence in Wake of Pelosi Attack: ‘Some of This is On Your Hands’ In New Hampshire, Cops Called as NHGOP Candidate, Supporters Attacked on Campaign Trail, I blame Whoopi. 

CNN, ‘I was acting like a traitor’; second cooperating Oath Keeper testifies in sedition trial, "Young testified on cross-examination that there was no explicit agreement between himself and other Oath Keepers to enter the Capitol building on January 6, but that he assumed the group felt as “excited and motivated” as he did when they arrived at the Capitol steps. . . .  “We talked about doing something about the fraud in the election when we got there on the 6th. And then when the crowd went through the barricades and up to the building, the opportunity presented itself.”"

Sundance, Justice Roberts Puts Temporary Stay on House Effort to Obtain Trump Tax Returns

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