Saturday, November 5, 2022

It's Coming Down to the Wire

It's coming down the wire on the midterm elections (Nov. 8, if you've been living in a cave), and things are still looking good for the GOP. Tom Rabbe at Am Spec offers Here’s How to Know What’s Really Happening on Election Night "The media’s response will offer some clues." Rachel Maddow is taking off her glasses and wiping her eyes a lot. PolitiFact is reported to be rehiring the 500 fact-checkers who were laid off after Biden won the presidency and Democrats won the Senate. CBS’s election panel breaks into inconsolable weeping at 11 p.m." Ted Harvey at Town Hall assures us America, Brace for a Red Wave on Tuesday. It’s Real. Michael Barrone, It Looks Like the Republican Wave Is Coming In. At CNN Chris Cillizza sees 5 very scary numbers for Democrats in the new CNN poll. Althouse read the New Yorker, Republicans are so close to power that they can smell it. In Washington, the spoils are being preĆ«mptively divvied up. "There wouldn't be so much dread if the Democrats hadn't spent the last 2 years using their narrow majority so aggressively. They set an example, and you're afraid to see that example followed. If the situation were reversed, wouldn't you be saying it's payback time? " Jim Geraghty at NR cited at Haut Hair, The GOP wave the pundits didn't want to see. Capt. Ed comments "I’d say that the pundits didn’t want to see it, but more importantly, they didn’t want *you* to see it." Also, Panic at the Demsco: Party rushing headliners to salvage deep-blue seats, with one exception.  Spin, Strangnesss and Charm  sees Panic at the D disco about midterms; more background on hard-right success in Israeli elections   David Strom at HA VIP, The Democratic electoral coalition is toast. Done. Kaput. Beege Wellborn, also at Haut Hair considers the Danse Macabre: Why Democrats feel compelled to boogie and other election imponderables. David Strom notes it's all over as Jake Tapper calls it for the Republicans. Looking forward, Politico whines Senate Dems face brutal 2024 map with at least eight undecided incumbents, "Of the 33 Senate seats up for election next term, 23 are held by Democrats. That makes for a tough cycle — and it gets even harder if incumbents choose not to run."Ace sees Election Deniers: Some Democrats Believe the Polls are All Lies and Part of a Conspiracy Theory to Make Abortion Appear Less Popular Than It Is "Optimistic Democrats insist the polls are wrong, says The Hill. Remember when conservatives were called crazed conspiracy theorists for stating, correctly, that leftwing media polls routinely understate the conservative vote by 4-5 points? But now Democrats say the polls are all lying so it's cool." Nick Arama at Red State, wants you to WATCH: Hilarious Babylon Bee Take May Be the Best 'Dem Ad' Ever, Featuring Biden:

Stacy McCain sees Joe Biden and the ‘Path to Chaos’ (He’s Living Underground Like a Wild Potato).-

It would be wrong to accuse Biden of having “forgotten” how Hillary’s campaign deliberately smeared Donald Trump with the “Russian collusion” hoax, which was the basis of her subsequent claim that Trump didn’t really win the election because Putin somehow “interfered” in the results. It would be wrong to accuse Biden of forgetting this, I say, because Biden is suffering from such debilitating cognitive dysfunction that he can barely read the words that his script writers put on the teleprompter, and I don’t think he was sufficiently sentient in 2016 that he was even aware of what was happening. So, no, he didn’t “forget.” He’s living in his own private Idaho, underground like a wild potato.

Sundance at CTH posts the Outstanding Monologue by Tucker Carlson – Deconstructing “Democracy is at Stake,” the Narrative. Haut Hair cites CNN's Cillizza, What was Biden thinking with that tone-deaf final pitch? Thinking? Fox, House Majority Whip: US 'on track to repeat' Nazi Germany, downplays inflation ahead of midterms, "House Majority Whip James Clyburn claims US will soon resemble Germany in the 1930s, pointing blame at far-right extremism." Matt Vespa at HA VIP, The Democrats’ Final 2022 Pitch Is What Happens When You Live in a Bubble "There must be a decent chunk of the Democratic Party, at least with its operative class, who must have been a few bottles of whiskey deep during Joe Biden’s last-minute pitch to voters last night. Inflation has reached record highs, the economy is in recession, and crime has surged." NYT, cited at Haut Hair, We are stunned to discover that Biden lies. A lot. Joh Sexton, NY Times: Biden has made a lot of economic claims recently that aren't true. You don't say! Eric Lendrum at Am Great notes Biden Administration Sells Last of Released Oil from Strategic Reserve. What a coinsidence!

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.04.22, Twitchy: Atlantic Does Piece On Why Dems Are Losing Latinos, David Reaboi Demolishes It, also, Allow Joy Reid To Explain The Only Reason People Know What Inflation Is and Don Surber: Liz versus Tulsi, also, Dems chose LGBT over Muslims and Hispanics. Insty at his NYPo gig explains Why suburban women are flocking to the GOP: As simple as A,B,C. The dumbest person alive from Mediaite Joy Reid Claims Republicans ‘Have Taught People the Word Inflation’ For Political Gain: ‘Not Part of the Normal Lexicon’

ET finds Schumer Predicts Democrats Will Hold Senate During Next Week’s Midterms. What else is he supposed to say?

From, the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.04.22,Victory Girls: Oprah Endorses Fetterman Over Oz, also, Democrats Begin To Consider Life After Pelosi. At NYPo, John Fetterman insists he’s been ‘transparent’ about health in ‘cakewalk’ ‘View’ interview. At HE,  John Fetterman Promises He Is 'Sit to Serve', or some garbled words to that effect. Newsbusters, Weekend at Fetterman’s: The View Props Up Struggling PA Democrat. Bob McManus at NYPo hears Krazy Kat (Whitmer) deny crime’s a problem — but Hillary Clinton lets the truth slip. From, the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.04.22 has Louder With Crowder, Kathy Hochul denies crime, man sexually assaults a jogger. NYPo, Hillary Clinton accuses GOP of using fear tactics during NYC rally for Gov. Hochul. Ace, Another Illusion/Republican Conspiracy Theory: Female Jogger R4ped in Central Park by Man With 25 Previous Arrests and Currently a Suspect In Two Other Sex Crimes But Free as a Bird to Attack Women as He Pleases. The College Fix reports how an ‘Anti-racist’ professor calls Herschel Walker ‘subliterate,’ uses racial slur. The WSJ is cautiously optimistic that Don Bolduc May Pull Off an Upset in New Hampshire, "Democrats got the Senate opponent they wanted. Maggie Hassan may pay the price." At Emerson, Ohio 2022: Vance Extends Lead Over Ryan for US Senate. At the Atlanta J-Con, Democrat Hall endorses Brian Kemp and Burt Jones in surprise move. The NR notes Chuck Norris Endorses Blake Masters in Arizona Senate Race. That does it, Masters is gonna win, Chuck never loses. Emerson again, Arizona 2022: US Senate and Gubernatorial Elections in Dead Heat. At NYPo, Stephen Colbert shades Michigan man who switched from Dem to GOP during mocking mea culpa, “I’m a parent and I believe that every parent has the right to be aware of what their kids see and read, just like everyone learning about this story has the right to know that as recently as October — last month — this guy claimed to be a Democratic politician but switched after he lost his primary and packed up his toys and went off in a huff to support an election-denying, transphobic, COVID-19 conspiracy theorist,” the host ranted."

Steve Miller at Spec World wonders why Democrats made Kari Lake a star "Why did Biden’s party labor to put ‘election-deniers’ on the ballot?" At PM, BREAKING: Katie Hobbs’ husband was therapist for 10-year old ‘trans’ child, provided ‘gender-affirming’ care: lawsuit, aka a groomer. Sundance reports a New Mexico Media Outlet Gave Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham a Copy of Debate Questions in Advance, for Use Against Her Republican Rival, back in 2018. But Democrats and the media would never collude together to cheat, would they? Ace, Gretchen The Witch Whitmer's "Closing Argument" Is a Real Treat-and-a-Half.  Althouse, If Wisconsin Democrats lose several low-budget state legislative contests here on Tuesday... it may not matter who wins the $114 million tossup contest for governor ..." At Da Tech Guy, Two things anyone Voting in Massachusetts should consider before voting in Election 2022, "I submit and suggest that the only reason why cities like Fitchburg and Lawrence did not end up burning during the nationwide George Floyd riots was because we had a GOP governor who too pro-active steps to make sure that didn’t happen."

RCP's 2022 Election Maps - Battle for the House 2022, GOP 228, Dems, 174, 33 tossups. At LAT, These California districts voted big for Biden, but Republicans are optimistic about their chances. At the Florida Voice, Miami-Dade Flips Republican in 2022 Election. Sundance, Republican Voters Take Lead in Critical Miami-Dade Early Vote, Current Trend Looks Ominous for Democrats in Florida. Althouse is amused when Jon Stewart treats a Democratic Congresswoman as if she's brilliant because she came up with the phrase "No shit, Sherlock."

Vicky Marshall at Da Fed warns if you Thought The Private Takeover Of Government Election Offices Was Just For 2020? Think Again. Natalia Mittelstadt at JTN, Firing of Milwaukee election official highlights Wisconsin as epicenter of election shenanigans, "The Wisconsin Election Commission is broken." The Geller Reports Deputy Director of Milwaukee Election Commission, Kimberly Zapata, Has Been Fired and CHARGED WITH ELECTION FRAUD. ET, Plaintiffs Ask Judge to Find Benson in Contempt of Court for Failing to Correct Election Guidance Manual, in Michigan. Francis Turner from L'Ombre de l'Olivier has an anecdote about Voter fraud in the US. From Da Fed, the unsinkable Mollie Hemingway says If Republicans Win On Tuesday, Thank The Election Integrity Movement. Bill Sullivan at Am Think thinks about The Big Lie about 'The Big Lie'. At This Ain't Hell, When articles pre-address election “misinformation”, expect election day shenanigans. Tristan Justice at Da Fed reports a Complaint Alleges NBC Reporter Yamiche Alcindor Is ‘Fraudulently Voting’ In Florida

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