Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Biden Nantucket Vacation Flames Out

Fox, Biden’s Secret Service rental vehicles burst into flames after he left Nantucket vacation. Haut Hair's Beege Wellborn, Wait, whut?! Biden's Nantucket Secret Service rental vehicles burst into flames. Bob Spencer at Haut Hair, There Once Was A Prez on Nantucket, and Each of His Cars, a Fire Struck It. There's speculation that one or more of the vehicles was electric, and it was battery fire. Frankly, I doubt it; Li-ion battery fires are notoriously difficult to fight, and the damage is all to the front, while the batteries of electric vehicles they are in the rear and underneath. Pretty odd, though.

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Speaking of flaming, Ace woke up yesterday afternoon and noticed Sam Brinton, Biden's Genderfluid, Puppy Perversion Official In Charge of Nuclear Materials, Charged With Felony Theft of a Woman's Luggage. At WaEx, Paul Bedard says the Theft case against Biden nonbinary aide Sam Brinton is admittedly getting ‘weirder’. Jordan Boyd at Da Fed notes the Biden Energy Dept. Won’t Say If It Will Fire Cross-Dresser Charged With Felony For Allegedly Stealing Lady’s Luggage. I would be very surprised if that happens. It is in a protected class. Stacy McCain Crazy People Are Dangerous (and They’re Working for the Biden Administration) if for no other reason that they're crazy. "It doesn’t make sense, but that’s just the way it is with lunatics — their behavior doesn’t make sense, like when 81 million people decided that Joe Biden should be President of the United States, a completely crazy choice that has had predictably crazy consequences." At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.29.22 (Evening Edition), EBL chimes in with Biden’s Baggage Bandit Brinton Busted and Nice Deb (at Am Great) contributes Transgender Pup Fetishist DOE Official Charged With Stealing Woman’s Luggage at Minneapolis Airport.

The Biden Rail Strike appears to be on track. Da Caller reports Biden’s Big Union Deal Could Be About To Implode. Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, Biden passing the buck to Congress on rail strike -- and union blowback; Rubio: I stand with the workers and Pelosi: We'll hold a floor vote tomorrow to impose Biden's deal on rail workers. What happened to the party of labor? 

'Bonchie' at Red State hears Biden COVID 'Lead' Inadvertently Says the Quiet Part out Loud on CensorshipJeremy Konyndyk@JeremyKonyndyk "Farewell to Twitter's health care ad revenue." The Manhattan Contrarian wants to  Talk About Biden Corruption. Enough talk; it's time for indictments. Joe Curl at Da Wire says D.C. is Abuzz With Chatter About Biden Replacing VP Harris. With what? She checks all the boxes except ability. Don Devine at Am Spec makes the case that Bureaucratization and Peril Haunt the Modern Presidency "A president cannot succeed without personal loyalty to him and his program," putting all Republicans at a disadvantage. 

John Sexton at Haut takes note that Tom Nichols admit Never Trump really meant never Republican. Duuuuh. Spin, Strangeness and Charm wonders  Was the Nick Fuentes meeting a setup? Does 45 have a mole in his personal staff, or are they just that incompetent? [UPDATE: you wouldn’t believe it]. Milo Yiannopoulos was involved? Definitely. "And, Yiannopoulos said, he arranged the dinner “just to make Trump’s life miserable” because news of the dinner would leak and Trump would mishandle it." Jeff Lord at Am Spec offers up A House GOP Opportunity: A Resolution Calling on Biden, Democrats to Apologize for Dem Support for Slavery "Democrat support of slavery was once official party policy — and no apologies yet." He' right. Edward Mike at Am Think considers Should it be Trump or DeSantis in 2024?

At Breitbart, Judge Rules Trump Ally Devin Nunes Can Sue NBC Universal for Defamation "The complaint filed by the Nunes legal team alleged MSNBC and Rachel Maddow knew that the package had been given to the FBI but chose to instead “inflict maximum pain and suffering” on Nunes to harm his reputation." I hope it's filed in his home district, because DC won't work. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.29.22 (Evening Edition), at the Volokh Conspiracy: Devin Nunes’ Libel Claim Over Rachel Maddow Show Broadcast Can Proceed for Now, as to One Assertion.

Capt. Ed, Gulp: Warnock's war chest triple that of Walker's. Insty, ONCE AGAIN WE HAVE A CLOSE RUNOFF IN GEORGIA THAT IS IMPORTANT TO SENATE CONTROL, AND THE GOP IS LETTING IT SLIDE: Gulp: Warnock’s war chest triple that of Walker’s. Is it because they know the fix is in, or because they don’t want to win? Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, Latest residency accusations could spell trouble for Walker. At Da Caller, MSNBC Anchor: Georgia Voter Turnout Shatters Expectations, which is not normally a great thing for the GOP. I hope they've learned to scavenge votes like Stacy Abrams, but I doubt it.

At Da Wire, Democrats Flip Pennsylvania State House In Another Massive Midterm Loss For Republicans, Promise ‘Center-Left’ Agenda, giving Democrats control over the electoral machinery. At Da Caller, How The GOP Establishment Made An Avoidable Mistake In The Midterms. Only one? At NewsMax, Rep. Kevin McCarthy to Newsmax: Dems Could Pick Speaker If GOP Isn't Careful. At the Conservative Brief, Carmine Sabia warns Democrats Could Pick Speaker If Republicans Continue Fighting. I suspect the Republicans will get it together at the last possible second. Meanwhile, Democrats chose election denier Hakeem Jeffries —  first Black party leader in Congress (WaPoo).

WaPoo also reports Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes guilty of Jan. 6 seditious conspiracy. Rhodes seems like a nut, but I don't trust DC juries or DC judges anymore. At Twitchy, a Detailed thread shows FBI OBLITERATED bedrock civil liberties in their J6 quest to ‘Defend Democracy’

Matt Vespa at Town Hall explains Why the 'Power Grab' Case That's Heading to the Supreme Court Could Give the Left Fits.

The legal beef that must be settled is whether it was constitutional for the North Carolina state Supreme Court to dismiss the latest redistricting map, which heavily favored Republicans. It’s a test of the “independent state legislature doctrine.” That legal position says that state/local courts cannot interfere in the redistricting process—the pickle here for those arguing in favor of the doctrine is that the Tar Heel state passed a law granting local courts the authority to review the maps. If successfully argued, critics warn that the “independent state legislature doctrine” could pave the way for single-party rule. Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives Tim Moore sued voter Rebecca Harper, leading us to this final legal showdown (via The Week) . . . 

 Jay Valentine at Am Think thinks Here’s How They Did it: Real-time Election Fraud

County election managers change the zip code of 31,000 voters on September 3. Ballots go out that week. Those 31,000 are undeliverable. Someone collects those valid ballots. On September 15th, those addresses are quietly changed back.

National Change of Address Database (NCOA) will not pick up those address changes. They didn’t happen because there is no history.

The 31,000 citizens were getting their mail just fine -- except for ballots. Ballot addresses were driven by the county mail-in ballot database -- the one that was changed, then changed back.

Many states send ballots to everyone; the recipient is none the wiser that they never received a mail-in ballot. They may vote in person. Oops! “You already voted!” Ever heard that?

David Strom at Haut Hair notes that Elon Musk is now a Russian stooge apparently for bringing freedom of speech back to Twitter. Ace, DeSantis: Apple's Threat to Deplatform Twitter from Its App Store is an Act of "Raw Monopolistic Power" Which Should Be Met by Congressional Action. From Althouse, Dear Tim Cook... Love, Josh Hawley. Josh Hawley@HawleyMO, "I’d like to know why ⁦ @Apple⁩ continues to aid and abet the totalitarian regime in #China while campaigning against free speech at home. My letter to Tim Cook"

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