Friday, November 4, 2022

There's a Red, Red Wave Coming

To be Sung to Dylan's Slow Train.

Herr Professor Jacobsen at LI, Biden Midterms Closing Argument: Trump And “Extreme MAGA Republicans” Are “Un-American.” Vicotry Girls, Biden Speech, Take Two: All MAGA’s Fault. David Strom at Haut Hair sees Biden saying the same thing louder.  From Frank Schell at At Am Spec, From Silent Majority to Deplorables to Semi-Fascists: Elites’ Demonization of Republicans "What is so wrong with wanting to make America great again?" At PI, Democrats Turn 2022 Into ‘1984.’  Sundance at CTH, Tucker Carlson Deconstructs Joe Biden’s Democracy -vs- Autocracy Midterm Election Speech.  KT at Haut Hair hears Karl Rove: Biden is president thanks to an election denier, you know, James Clyburn. Also Karine Jean-Pierre hit with Hatch Act complaint for "mega MAGA Republican" comments. I wouldn't care if they didn't do it to us.   Reuters preparing the ground for 2024, What if Biden doesn't run again? 

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.03.22, Weasel Zippers: Biden Claims He Spoke To The Man Who Invented Insulin, Biden Asks God To “Enlighten” Republicans and This Ain’t Hell: President Biden Repeats Claim that His Son Died in Iraq, US Troops in Ukraine, and Republicans’ retaking the House and Senate poses a threat to our way of life. From the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 11.03.22 (Evening Edition) Don Surber: Democrats die in an echo chamber, also, No one cares what Biden says.

John Sexton at Haut Hair reads WaPoo, Democrats fear midterm drubbing (but Biden is preparing to spin the loss) Haut Hair cites Grabien, Tapper to DCCC chair: Dems spent $53M on the candidates Biden complained about, you know. Capt. Ed, Tapper to DCCC chair: Why did Biden complain about the "MAGA" candidates on whom Dems spent $53M? Anxious anxiously admits Democrats cannot address ‘most basic issues’ this election, analyst says. At the Free Bacon, Biden’s Final Pitch: Inflation Is A Good Thing "White House takes credit for increase in Social Security payments, which are adjusted for inflation under law" signed by Nixon. Ringside at the Reckoning, Joe Biden's Version of "Honesty" "When even CNN points out that the President is lying, he's got trouble." KT again, Bill Clinton joins other Democrats in spreading a big lie against Republicans on the campaign trail. From Breitbart, Atlantic’s COVID Amnesty Request Was a Massive Political Blunder, never forgive, never forget. David Strom catches Michael Beschloss  America is about to die in darkness, if ya'll don't vote his way. "He is a full blown MSNBC political hack peddling ridiculous lies to the credulous Left, using his shaky credentials as an historian to add a gloss of respectability to his fevered rants.  Insty, SO BASICALLY MSNBC IS NOW INFOWARS WITH A SMALLER AUDIENCE.  At PJ Media, Stephen Kruiser  Democrats' Love of Criminals Will Be Their Downfall and Kevin Downey, Michigan Muslims Rock the Casbah Over Gay Porn in Schools, Jumping En Masse to the GOP. John Sexton, Why Democrats are losing Hispanics: 'We're freaking them out'

Ace has a big Election Round-Up. Matt Vespa at Town Hall reports Two Dem Strongholds Report Huge Early Vote Numbers...for Republicans.  Who says we don't learn? The early voting blog, 2022.  Capt. Ed, CNN and Gallup: Let's face it, the GOP probably won't blow the coming rout, but there's still time. John Sexton cites Politico: The GOP has hit its stride at the right moment to take the Senate.

Capt. Ed, Sorry, media apologists: New polls show Oz edging into lead after Fetterman debate, Remington Poll, Poll: Oz +3 in PA, 47/44. Almost outside the margin of fraud. At Da Wire, Fetterman Bought Land From His Own Nonprofit At Fraction Of Market Value In Eyebrow-Raising Deal With Deputy Mayor, Complaint Alleges. Guy Benson at Town Hall wants you to Watch The Painful Answers From John Fetterman Keep Piling Up. Twitchy, John Fetterman’s attempt at recreating famous commercial for campaign ad is JUST cringe (watch). I didn't think it was that bad, but I have low standards. The Peacock has hopes that In final stretch, candidates sharpen their appeals to 'ticket-splitting' voters. "Democrats Stacey Abrams and John Fetterman want to tie their rivals to unpopular Republicans on the ballot, while GOP hopeful J.D. Vance is courting conflicted Republicans."

In other important Senate races, An Echelon poll cited at Hait Hair, Outlier? Walker up seven points in Georgia, 51/44. Matt Margolis at PJ Media, Herschel Walker Mocks Obama: 'Put My Resume Against His'. At the Free Bacon, Warnock’s Church Airs Sermon Calling Evangelical Christianity the ‘Ideological Basis’ of White Supremacy. I don't see that helping in Georgia. Stacy McCain, ‘President of United Earth’ Stacey Abrams Insults Georgia Sheriffs in TV Debate. I don't see that helping, either.

Tristan Justice at Da Fed catches Tim Ryan who Says He Supports Natural Gas. But His Record Says OtherwiseKaitlan Collins@kaitlancollins "The national Democratic party has never been good at strategic political decisions," Tim Ryan says. "Thank god that I have enough experience that I built this campaign not needing them, and we really don't want them at this point." In Arizona, the Free Bacon points out Mark Kelly Says He’s a Criminal Justice Moderate. His Campaign Took $350K From a Soros-Backed Defund Group. Salena Zito at WaEx hosts Blake Masters on his sprint to the finish line, Mitch McConnell, and the new era of millennials governing. Also at the Free Bacon, Why No One’s Talking About This Swing-State Senate Race That Could Determine the Balance of Power in Washington. Senate race in NC. Haut Hair sees Trafalgar forecasts  Colorado squeaker? O'Dea within two points of Bennet. "If Republicans win a Senate seat in Colorado this cycle, the red tsunami is officially on. — (Capt.) Ed"

Switching over to governors, Fox 10, 2022 Arizona Election Poll: Lake leads Hobbs in governor's race by 3 points, Senate race tied. Matt Vespa notes how a  CBS Reporter Tried to Corner Kari Lake on January 6. Her Response Was Brilliant. 'Bonchie' at Red State, Kari Lake Perfectly Responds to Accusations From Brian Sicknick's Mother About January 6th.  "Lake pointedly notes that Sicknick died of natural causes after having suffered a stroke on January 7th. The medical examiner found no signs of trauma nor any evidence he had ingested any kind of chemical the day before that caused his fatal condition. Lake also pointed out the obvious, which is that she wasn’t anywhere near the Capitol Building on January 6th nor did she ever encourage people to go there." Rusty Weiss at PI, Eric Swalwell Laughs as Capitol Riot Officer Michael Fanone Calls Kari Lake a ‘Piece of S***’ on Air. Jazz Shaw, Even Arizona Democrats think Katie Hobbs should recuse herself. As Sec of State, she would be responsible for certifying her own defeat. At City Journal, Can Lee Zeldin Win? A Republican victory in New York State is unlikely—but possible" Dan Greenfield at Front Page explains how his opponent How Gov. Hochul Killed a Black Woman, “The kids had blood all over their clothes.” Ace, Charlie Crist Is Conceding Humiliating, Cataclysmic Defeat and Now Only Looking Past the Election to His Next Grifting Opportunity. Rick Moran at PJ Media sees Michigan GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Tudor Dixon Gets the Last Laugh at Stephen Colbert. From NYPo, Michigan man who switched to GOP rips Stephen Colbert for saying he was made up. Detroit Freep, Stephen Colbert doubted existence of man Tudor Dixon cited in debate — but he's real

Liz Cheney continues her journey to the Dark Side. KT, Liz Cheney: Pelosi has been a "tremendous leader" and a Republican majority in the House would be bad and Ace in red italic, True Conservative Liz Cheney: Nancy Pelosi is a "Tremendous Leader;" A Republican House Would Give "Power and Authority to the Most Radical Members of the Caucus" Which Would be a "Bad Thing for the Country" "Liz Cheney just endorsed a Democrat hold of the House of Representatives. True Conservative, you guys. The Festival of Unmasking continues."

Jazz Shaw, Watch the AP try to "prebunk" election irregularities. At Blaze, Election official fired for fraudulently requesting military absentee ballots to allegedly expose system vulnerabilities. Ace wakes up, NBC "News:" Voter ID Laws "Disproportionately" Affect Transgender People Who Are Going By Different Made-Up Names But Who Have Never Filed Paperwork to Make That Official So We Must Get Rid of Voter ID Laws Immediately. "No they're really claiming that. First it was "blacks and hispanics don't know how to find the local DMV to get ID so we have to get rid of voter ID entirely." Now it's "transgenders can't be asked to go by their real legal name while voting, or be expected to change their name legally, so we just have to get rid of voter ID entirely." WaEx, Arizona’s ballot vigilantes deserve the rebuke the New Black Panthers never received, but turnabout is fair play.

Jazz Shaw at HA VIP, On the White House's repeated attempts to deny Big Tech censorship. At Stream, RNC Sues Google Over Email Censorship. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.03.22 (Evening Edition)  Da Tech Guy: The Difference between a Fake Fact Check and a Real one, also, There is evidence that the Biden regime and social media corporations have entered into a partnership to censor Americans

At Summit News, Hillary Clinton claims Pelosi Attack Part Of “Racism, Misogyny, Antisemitism” Embraced By Conservatives, of course. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.03.22 Twitchy: Rex Chapman Tries To Shame Elon Musk For Being “Mean” To Paul Pelosi, Trips Over His Own Rand Paul Neighbor Tweets and EBL: Capital Police Monitoring Pelosi House on Video Missed DePape Breaking In.  Capt. Ed points out how, curiously,  NBC claims Paul Pelosi walked away from police before hammer attack. You'd think he'd run to them. The Peacock reluctantly admits the Suspect in Paul Pelosi attack was in U.S. illegally, immigration officials say "Immigration and Customs Enforcement could eventually deport David DePape back to Canada." KT, Paul Pelosi's attacker is an illegal alien - will he be deported?

Hey, you know who else turned out to be an illegal alien? The person who burglarized the Katie Hobbs campaign office, Sister Toldja at Red State, The Katie Hobbs Campaign HQ Burglary Drama Just Got More Interesting. Cutie Pavlich at Town Hall, Oh, So That's Who Broke Into Katie Hobbs' Campaign Office. Ace, The Man Who Broke Into Abortion Mouse's Campaign Office, Whom Abortion Mouse Claimed Had Been Incited to Commit Burglary By Kari Lake's "Intimidations" and "Election Misinformation," Is an Illegal Alien, Of Course, "Remember when Abortion Mouse refused to further discuss her insane allegation last week? This is why -- the cops withheld this information about the actual culprit, but now it's coming out." At Da Wire, Illegal Immigrant Identified By Authorities As Suspected Burglar Of Katie Hobbs’ Campaign Office, Debunking Attempted Blame On Kari Lake.

Meanwhile violence against Republicans continues, unremarked by the press or Democrats for the most part. In New Hampshire, Republican Gen. Bolduc Physically Attacked by Individual Outside Wednesday’s Debate, and Matt Margolis, Protester Assaults Republican U.S. Senate Candidate in New Hampshire. Jazz Shaw, More political violence. But guess whodunnit?  Breitbart reports an Illinois Man Threatened to Kill GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Darren Bailey and His Family. And Da Mail, Midterms horror as Republican candidate's daughters, three and five, are almost KILLED after gunman opens fire at North Carolina home - where Democrat rival filmed campaign ad - with bullet landing close to where they slept.  Fox, Police respond to trespassing call at Trump's Mar-a-Lago, Secret Service conduct sweep. From Mark Tapscott  at Insty, PRO-LIFE CENTERS 22 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO SUFFER POLITICAL VIOLENCE: 

President Joe Biden talked a lot Wednesday evening from Washington, D.C.’s Union Station about political violence, declaring that Americans “must unite to make it absolutely clear that there is no place for political violence in America.”

If Biden actually meant what he said, he would immediately direct Attorney General Merrick Garland to put the FBI to work investigating and bringing to justice the perpetrators of the wave of violence since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision against pro-life centers.

Sundance reports Justice Roberts Puts Temporary Stay on House Effort to Obtain Trump Tax Returns "Essentially, the Chief Judge appears to see the partisan nature of the demand, and in an effort to keep the Supreme Court out of the battle, he has put the outcome of the 2022 midterm election as the fulcrum for this next round of battle between President Trump and the Democrats in the House.  If the Republicans win the majority, the issue should seemingly disappear." 

At Am Great, Lloyd Billingsley see the FBI Laptop Dancing "The bureau seeks to delay the release of information from the laptop of murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich for 66 years. . . . The 66-year delay is a proxy for “never.” As journalist Jim Hoft explains, “people with nothing to hide don’t try to hide nothing.” 

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: HMS Eskimo and FMJRA 2.0: Minuet awaiting your digital pleasure at The Other McCain.

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