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House Nears GOP Control, Dem Mega-Donor Goes Down, Lake Loses

Anna Paula Luna
Matt Margolis at PJ Media finds NBC News Projects House Majority Control. I guess it would be just too obvious if all the close ones fell to the Dems. Joh Sexton at Haut Hair reports on  Two more House races called for the GOP (Update: 3 more races called, GOP at 217). 218 needed, but what then? Mary Chastain at LI claims ‘Ballot Curing’ Might Cost Lauren Boebert Her Colorado Seat "No matter what it sounds like the district will have a recount in the end." "Ballot Curing" is "non-partisan"' poll workers "helping" voters "fix" bad ballots. If I made it sound fishy, it's because it is. I guess Democrats make many more errors than Republicans. At Da Wire, Meet Anna Paulina Luna, The Firebrand Conservative Who Wasn’t ‘Supposed To Win’ "I understood that candidates like myself are not supposed to win." (FL-13). At TNP, MAJEWSKI: I Am a Republican Who Lost on Tuesday. It Wasn’t Trump’s Fault. It Was the Cowards in D.C.’s ‘McLeadership’. At Da Caller, Republicans Made Massive Gains With Muslims In The Midterms. Here’s Why. Not really all in on the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ nonsense. Capt. Ed at Haut Hair wonders  Can Republicans harness the culture war for victory in 2024?  Maybe, but not to the exclusion of all other issues. Buck Throckmorton at Ace's Morning Rant,  Red States Can’t Vote Any Harder to Save Blue States

"The “what happened to the red wave” finger pointing is getting kind of tiresome. Blue state voters voted blue and purple state voters voted purple. Shocker. Well, those of us living a life of freedom in red states cannot vote any harder to liberate Americans living in blue states from the tyranny they keep voting upon themselves."

The other "big" story is the sudden, post-election fall of Democrat mega-donor, second behind only George Soros in the last election. Shades of Hunter's laptops. Stacy McCain, Sam Bankman-Fried: MIT-Educated Crypto Swindler Scammed Billions, Donated Millions to Democrats

Is anyone really surprised by this? Of course, there are shady people in the financial world who are Republicans, but the 30-year-old MIT-educated billionaire slob? The “effective altruist” who cares about climate change and has a girlfriend who’s a Harry Potter fan?

No, he’s a Democrat. It only makes sense. As the tangled web of SBF’s multi-billion-dollar swindle is unraveled, we should keep this in mind: Democrats collected tens of millions of dollars in campaign contributions from a scammer who defrauded investors around the world. The damage inflicted by Sam Bankman-Fried is only beginning to become apparent. It’s possible that SBF’s swindle may collapse the entire crypto-currency market and, I repeat, people were warned it was a Ponzi scheme.

Ace, Huge Democrat Donor Loses All of His Clients' Money, Media Pretends The Story Is About Crypto

Miranda Divine: Amid all the jubilation and gloating by Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and pals over the Democrats' better-than-expected showing in the midterms comes a disturbing story that may explain something about how they won such a curious election.

Biden's second-biggest donor, cryptocurrency billionaire wunderkind Sam Bankman-Fried, a k a SBF, saw his business file for bankruptcy days after the election, but not before pumping $40 million into the Democratic Party to spend on "get-out-the-vote" and other shadowy ballot-harvesting mechanics for the midterms.

Insty at Insty,  ROGUES GALLERY: Sam Bankman-Fried Is Not Alone: Some of History’s Greatest Monsters Were Democratic Megadonors: Disgraced crypto guru continues a storied tradition and at NYPo, Uncle Sam is playing the same game as broke, disgraced crypto king. Related, sort of, at Ace's Leftwing Tech Monopoly Amazon Waits Until After Election to Lay Off 10,000 Workers. "Wouldn't want to spoil Joe Biden's claim that we're not in a recession. They'll be laying off 10,000 people starting sometime before Thanksgiving, sources say. They haven't announced/admitted it yet."

At Am Great, the great Victor Davis Hanson is done with Trump, Tragically Trump. "Will Trump rest on his considerable laurels and ride out gracefully to Mar-a-Lago? Or will he choose the tragic hero path?" On the other hand, at Town Hall Kurt Schlichter says Let’s Talk About Trump 

But while Trump, like many others – RINOs, pundits, us voters – own a hefty share of this Jeffrey Toobin Zoom call of an election night, it’s all a little too simple, a little too easy to think that we’re good to go if only Trump gets up and goes. Trump is not the GOP's only problem. It was out of touch with most voters before he took over – hell, that’s why he was able to take over. And the problems with the GOP that led to Trump will not be fixed even if Trump vanishes tomorrow.

Bob Spencer at Front Page, Biden Says He’s ‘Making Sure’ Trump Will Not Become President Again, "More fascism from the alleged president." Ace, NBC Projects GOP Will Win the House. Surprise! FBI Official In Charge of January 6th and Whitmer Fednapping Investigations Announces Retirement. And that means it's time for FBI agents who do not want to answer questions to quit the Bureau. Remember, civil servants working for the government must appear before Congress. It's part of their job. If they quit, they can appear voluntarily or refuse to appear. If they refuse, they can be subpoenaed." Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, AP: Whew! We avoided the mega-MAGA massacre somehow "Notice how the author talks about the shocking “sense of normalcy” around the country on election day and how it may be here only “for a moment.” You know how those crafty mega-MAGA Republicans are, right? All of the “election deniers” are probably just biding their time until they can strike when liberals and mainstream media figures are least expecting it."

At Am Think Ted Noel is thinking about Viewing DeSantis Versus Trump Through The 2022 Election Filter "If it sounds like I’m conflicted, you’re an astute student of the obvious." Paul Gottfried at Am Great questions Does DeSantis Have National Appeal? The notion that Republicans could win statewide elections in any other state by fielding a candidate like Florida’s governor is questionable."

At PJ Media Matt Margolis wonders if Will Joe Biden Ditch Kamala Harris Before 2024? Or will she and the cabal ditch him. And Stephen Kruiser says Someone Tell Pence to Take His 2024 Delusions and Go Home

Bill Sullivan at Am Think wants to Abolish ‘Voting Season’ and Bring Back Election Day. I tend to agree, but, alas, the Democrats get to vote too. Eddie Scarry at Da Fed is more my liking, Republican Leaders Have A Choice: Roll Back Early Voting And Mail-In Ballots Or Learn To Take Advantage Of Them. You can do both. Jay Valentine at Am Think, How Wisconsin Streetfighters Disrupted a Democrat Ballot-Gathering System

The Wisconsin team proved, in this election, that adding even a small amount of friction – removing thousands of phantom names and identifying several hundred thousand incorrect addresses — has a massive impact on the ballot-gathering system.

Our Wisconsin election heroes applied Fractal Programming technology, funded by Mike Lindell, at scale to find and challenge phantoms. The process is explained at www.Omega4America.com.

They went to scores of county registrars and challenged thousands of phantoms — proof in hand. Quietly, below the radar, they showed registrars, whose job it is to deal with this sort of thing, that Bill Jones was not a real person. They helped clean up addresses that were wrong — either typos or fake.

Any one of those addresses was a landing pad for a loose ballot.

On Election Day, the Wisconsin Democrats did not have enough phantoms or mail-in ballots to go around. A Republican senator might have been saved by these actions.

Matt Margolis again,  'Voter Suppression Reared Its Ugly Head' in Maricopa County, Says Arizona GOP, by making it hard to vote on the day of the election, when Republicans come out. Ace, Why Does It Take Florida Hours to Count Votes, But More Than a Week for Arizona? "Well, you need to know how many ballots you have to manufacture in the post-election phase of voting, don't you?" Mary Chastain, NBC News: Democrat Katie Hobbs Beats Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake for Arizona Governor, "The Arizona Democrats meddled in the GOP primary, boosting Lake to be the candidate due to her ties to Trump and non-moderate views."

KT at Haut Hair, Trouble in Texas: Governor Abbott orders investigation into Harris County election day problems. Democrat controlled Houston, and more lack of paper ballots. Michael Walsh at The Pipeline points out The System Is the Steal. No Pasaran, Déjà Vu All Over Again in the Banana Republic of Biden: No, the Democrats did not run better campaigns; they cheated, as usual.

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: USS McCall up and running at The Other McCain.

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  1. So a sitting president will ensure a political rival cannot become president, but the opposition party puts “our precious democracy at risk”? Isn’t determining who becomes president a job for the electorate? Not in this precious democracy, the Democrats will ensure only their candidates can win the presidency.