Saturday, November 12, 2022

Oregon, My Oregon

 Mary Chastain at LI reports Two More Eastern Oregon Counties Vote to Join ‘Greater Idaho’ "“We don’t relate to people in downtown Portland trying to push their agenda on us.”

Well, two more eastern Oregon counties voted to join the Greater Idaho movement. Yes this exists:
Its purpose is to convince state legislatures to move the Oregon-Idaho border, turning conservative counties of Oregon into counties of Idaho.

In a Wednesday news release, the movement said it had seen victory in Morrow and Wheeler counties, clinching 60% and 58% of the votes as of that morning, respectively.

Its website showed May election results in all three counties that voted on the issue had improved by 4 percentage points after election night due to the slow counting in the state’s elections and the tendency of proponents to vote on Election Day. 

Fox: Where are the Cops? Frustrated Portland residents say police have ‘almost disappeared’  "'Where are the police?' Portland police response times hit slowest point in years as residents grow frustrated with increasing crime."

They voted poorly, and as near as I can see they did it again. I'm all out of sympathy for Portland.

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  1. They voted poorly again?
    I'm going to guess that this isn't a go down & vote deal but rather someone drops a ballot in the mail or a vote drop box...