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Biden Bashes MAGA as Polling Now Predicts Red Wave

We're rapidly running out time until election day, and the polls have taken another turn for the red, causing the Rest Home White House staffers to rouse the sun-downing head patient to go out and rally the base. Jennifer Van Larr at Red State, Biden Ignores Issues People Care About in Primetime Speech, Focuses on January 6 and 'Election Deniers'. Cutie Pavlich at Town Hall, Biden Gives Tired, Lie Filled Closing Argument As Dems Stare Down a Red Wave. PM, Biden delivers divisive speech, attacks Trump, 'MAGA Republicans,' warns of delays in counting midterm votes "We don't settle our differences in America with a riot, a mob, or a bullet, or a hammer," At Insty, UNION STATION IS THE PERFECT BACKDROP FOR BIDEN’S SPEECH:

Just seven years ago, I interned down the street from Union Station. At lunchtime, the travel hub was packed to the brim with local employees looking for a quick bite or a coffee. Shoppers trolled the mid- to high-end retail stores. The Metro, bus and train platforms bustled with commuters.

Now, Union is essentially a ghost town. Thanks to a combination of neglectful law enforcement and a refusal to relocate the homeless encampments, the station has been overrun with drug-addicted and mentally-ill vagrants. It’s nearly impossible to enter Union Station without being accosted by a crazy person or, at the very least, walking through a cloud with the rank odor of feces and urine. It’s not uncommon to see one of the “individuals experiencing homelessness” outside on the subway grates suffering a drug overdose, or to bristle past another shouting out a schizophrenic rant.. . .
And it’s only going to get worse: Washington D.C. to Legalize Public Urination. It’ll also cut “the maximum penalties for offenses such as burglaries, carjackings and robberies.”

Lincoln Brown at PJ Media gives An Ex-Leftist Reaction to Biden’s Speech About 'Democracy.' "People have figured out something about you and the rest of your ruling class, sir. You are everything you accuse conservatives of being. And you were able to hide that. Until now." Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, NYT: Say, have you noticed that Biden "fumbles" through appearances? Update: CNN also notices that Biden fibs. Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair VIP finds the The Hill wondering Is the 25th Amendment coming for Joe Biden? ET,  White House Deletes Post After Getting Fact-Checked on Twitter. and Biden Blames Inflation on ‘War in Iraq,’ and Incorrectly Says ‘That’s Where My Son Died.’  Spike Cohen@RealSpikeCohen, "White House: seniors are getting the biggest SS increase in 10 years. Context-checkers: That's because inflation is the highest it's been in decades. White House: *deletes tweet* Welcome to @elonmusk's Twitter." Sundance at CTH, Biden Says We Won’t Know the Results of the Midterm Election Until Days After Polls Close November 8th. It takes a while to manufacture votes you need. Capt. Ed, Red tsunami watch: Biden to rally Democrats in ... Chicago  "Three days before the midterms, and they’re sending Biden to a place where “rallying the voters” usually means registering the dead for the Democrat machine." KT at Haut Hair catches Hillary Clinton: Voters are too stupid to know what will happen in a red wave election. Insty, NEW VIDEO FROM AMERICA’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD: Democrat Midterm Ad: Vote For The Status Quo.

Capt. Ed, Here come the pollsters: CNN, NPR/Marist show GOP suddenly soaring; Update: Morning Consult LVs shift five points to GOP too and Quinnipiac: Say, we've just discovered an eight-point flip to the GOP -- among registered voters. Paul Bedard at WaEx has even More evidence of huge voter swing to GOP. Does anyone really believe an 8 pt flip since August? Ace is suspicious, Right On Cue, Major Leftwing Pollsters Suddenly Credit the GOP with Having a Big Lead on the Democrats

There is a very strong suspicion among poll analysts and critics. The People's Pundit Richard Barris mentioned it in his last podcast, though he's mentioned it before, and many people talk about it. They talk about major pollsters deliberately publishing polls they know for a fact oversample Democrats and are therefore just wrong, in order to please their clients (who are often leftwing media companies and their gonzo shitlib audiences). But then, right before the election, in the last poll before voting starts, they suddenly publish a poll showing the GOP in a much better position.

Suddenly, the Democrat oversampling they've been doing for months just poof! vanishes.  And why do they do this? Because, when people rank pollster's accuracy, they usually only look at the last poll conducted before the election.

All the deliberately Democrat-oversampling polls designed to perk up Democrat donors and demoralize Republican voters they published before the last poll are "freebies" -- they won't count as far as their official accuracy evaluation.
Stacy McCain, Democrats and Media (But I Repeat Myself) Begin Midterm Pre-Mortems "After a few weeks of false hope — a late-summer poll bump that peaked in September and has now collapsed — Democrats and their media allies are beginning to come to grips with the fact that their congressional majority is going to get wiped out in next week’s midterm election." The Babylon Bee snarks Democrats Worried Republicans May Take Lead Beyond Margin Of Cheating. Brad Slager at Red State reminds us It’s Been a Lifetime of ‘The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime.’ The Victory Girls opine West Coast Will Indicate Size Of The Red Wave. If Oregon and Washington fall to the GOP it will be a big deal. Sundance, Democrats Rush Election Funds to Deep Blue Races in New York, Oregon, Illinois and California. At Crisis Mag, Jason Negri explains to Nancy Pelosi Why I Am Voting Republican. WSJ, Republican Election Prospects Rise as Inflation Overshadows Abortion, WSJ Poll Finds. AMAC, The Economic Record: $6,000 Pay Raise with Trump v. $6,000 Pay Cut with Biden. At Ringside at the Reckoning, Bill Otis calls education The Sleeper Issue in the Midterms. Althouse,
Why are Democrats so unenthusiastic about the midterm elections? Is it about abortion? No. Victory Girls again Newsom: Democrat Messaging Isn’t Working. Do they ever pause to think it could be the message? Hampton Prescott@hprescott1991 "Replying to @varadmehta “You are not supposed to care about your quality of life, because I, Pompous Beltway Dunce, am unable to wean myself off of a bizarre January 6 fetish, despite it being two years later and the rest of the world moving on.” David Strom at Haut Hair, It's gotten THIS bad for Democrats. Kansas Democrat won't repudiate Trump.

Eddy Scary at Da Fed, Ahead Of 2024, Media Ponder Aloud: How Dishonest And Manipulative Can We Be? "When they call for a ‘new journalistic tradition,’ what they mean is that they need a novel approach to influencing all future elections." Covers, US Election Betting Odds: Biden Distant Third to Trump, DeSantis.

David Strom at Haut Hair notes that Phil Bump at WaPoo wants to Hide the evidence in the Pauli Pelosi attack. "Philip Bump of the Washington Post argues that releasing the video from the Paul Pelosi break in/assault would only fuel conspiracy theories. Best to stick to the official Narrative™ so that we plebs don’t get any uppity ideas that we aren’t being told the truth."

Althouse "The Department of Homeland Security is quietly broadening its efforts to curb speech it considers dangerous..."
"... an investigation by The Intercept has found. Years of internal DHS memos, emails, and documents — obtained via leaks and an ongoing lawsuit, as well as public documents — illustrate an expansive effort by the agency to influence tech platforms.
. . .
From "TRUTH COPS/Leaked Documents Outline DHS’s Plans to Police Disinformation" by Ken Klippenstein and Lee Fang (The Intercept).
Glenn Greenwald@ggreenwald "One day after a major story from @lhfang and @kenklippenstein proving the US Govt and Security State are directing Big Tech on what to censor, the #2 Senate Dem tries to radically restrict what "free speech" means in a way that contradicts all 1A caselaw:
Quote Tweet "Senator Dick Durbin@SenatorDurbin Free speech does not include spreading misinformation to downplay political violence."

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