Monday, November 21, 2022

Maryland, My Maryland

NYPo, Maryland school district with LGBTQ book list rejected books promoting ‘American values’
A Maryland school district that recently unveiled an LGBTQ-inclusive book list for elementary schools has declined to recommend several children’s books on the basis that they promote “American values,” Fox News Digital has learned.

Fox News Digital first reported Tuesday that books recommended by Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), Maryland’s most affluent school district, teach words like “intersex” and “drag queen” to children as young as 4.

Records later provided to Fox News Digital by Bethany Mandel, editor of the Heroes of Liberty book series, showed that MCPS recently declined to recommend three non-fiction children’s books that were donated to the school district by Heroes of Liberty Inc., which seeks to counter progressive literature favored by public schools.

The New York-based company donated three children’s books about libertarian economist Thomas Sowell, Supreme Court Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett and Founding Father Alexander Hamilton for use in MCPS libraries and recommended for grades 2-6.

According to records on the school district’s Database of Accountable Evaluations (DAE), MCPS declined to recommend the 2021 biography “Thomas Sowell: A Self-Made Man” on Sept. 30.

The MCPS evaluation said that a “weakness” of the Sowell book was that “the publisher has a stated mission of creating books with ‘the American values that made this country great.’”A Maryland school district recently unveiled an LGBTQ book list for elementary schools.FOX News Live

An MCPS evaluation also conducted on Sept. 30 similarly declined to recommend the 2021 biography “Amy Coney Barrett: A Justice and a Mother.”

The MCPS evaluation said that two “weaknesses” of the Coney Barrett book were that “the publisher seems to have an agenda – publishing books about people with ‘American values’” and that it “glosses over a lot of her life. The book is more about a message than an informative biography.”

A third evaluation conducted by MCPS on Sept. 30 declined to recommend the 2022 biography “Alexander Hamilton: From Immigrant Boy to Father.”

According to the evaluation, a “weakness” of the Hamilton book was that it “leaves out too much factual information about Hamilton’s life. The book is more about a message than an informative biography.”

Only leftist propaganda is allowed in Montgomery County schools. 

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