Sunday, November 20, 2022

Oregon, My Oregon

Camille Kiefel before (l) and after (r) "detransition"
At Da Wire, Detransitioner Announces Lawsuit Against Oregon Gender Clinics For Expediting Surgery

Defendant Ruff “breached her duty of care” by violating the standards of care applicable to Licensed Clinical Social Workers in the State of Oregon, failing to provide Kiefel with “accurate, complete information about the risks of having a double mastectomy ostensibly to relieve or alleviate mental health or emotional distress.”

Kiefel found the inspiration for a “nonbinary top surgery” when she came across the Gender Confirmation Center (GCC) website, which she claimed to believe was a “legitimate” source of information at the time. The founder of GCC, Dr. Scott Mosser, has performed “over two thousand top surgeries” on girls and women, including several 13 year olds, according to a leaked video in August.

Kiefel says that since she started putting more emphasis on taking care of her physical health, the anxiety and depression that led to her rejection of womanhood resolved. Now she is left with feeling distress over her body after her double mastectomy.

In the complaint, filed with Oregon State Courts, Kiefel details her anguish “living with a permanently scarred, disfigured, and physically painful or discomfiting chest, and deep feelings of regret over unnecessarily and permanently losing her choice ever to breastfeed a child.” She now has fears and anxiety over finding a life partner that will be “sexually and romantically attracted to a woman without breasts.”

As a result of her mistreatment, she feels deeply distrustful of western medicine. “I don’t really want anything to do with conventional doctors anymore after my experiences,” said Kiefel, who as of late has gravitated towards alternative medicine.

Looking back, Kiefel recalled how, even with a diagnosis of ADHD, she had to “jump through hoops” to get her stimulant medication because it’s a controlled substance with safeguarding in place “to prevent the wrong people from getting access to it.” She questions why gender medicine is not subjected to the same safeguarding measures.

Kiefel now believes she was misled in her Women’s Studies courses, especially pertaining to gender identity ideology. “It’s treated as truth, but it’s just a theory,” she said. She recalls when her women’s studies professors attributed all of the world’s ills to sexism. “One of my professors implied that [women] were depressed because of sexism,” Kiefel recalls.

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