Tuesday, November 22, 2022

CBS Agrees Hunter Laptop Real

Michael Goodwin at NYPo thinks AG Merrick Garland is the great pretender for thinking the appointment absolves him from the charge of politicization of the DOJ. Power Line's Paul Mirengoff at Substack says Garland appoints a special counsel, but can't hide behind him. Jonathon Turley pens The Lords of War: The Perils Facing Trump, Garland, and Smith in Washington’s Legal Arms Race.

In making that case for a Trump special counsel, however, Garland may have made a case against himself for refusing to appoint a Biden special counsel in the Hunter Biden scandal. Garland’s department is investigating potential wrongdoing that could involve the other referenced candidate, President Biden, in the Hunter Biden matter. That investigation should be looking at numerous alleged references to the president using code names such as “the Big Guy” in the context of receiving percentages on foreign deals and other perks. Yet Garland has refused to appoint a special counsel in an investigation that not only could prove highly embarrassing to the president but, in the view of some of us, could implicate him as well.

Speaking of Hunter Biden, as 'Streif' at Red State notes,2.5 years late, CBS Authenticates Hunter Biden's Laptop and Signals the Wheels on the Bus Are Coming for Joe. Scott Johnson at Power Line, CBS reports: Inside Hunter’s Biden’s laptop. From Twitchy, Glenn Greenwald has media dead to rights on Hunter Biden laptop coverup, ‘a gigantic scandal’ in its own right. David Strom at Haut Hair adds My $.02 on Hunter Biden laptop. At the War Room, Deleted Webpages Reveal Dept. Of Energy Oil And Gas Advisory Board Member Met With Hunter Biden’s Chinese Business Partner To Discuss ‘Green Energy’ And ‘Financial Collaboration’ While Serving In The White House With Top Secret Clearance. Breitbart reports Rep. James Comer: Family Bank Records Are the First Focus in Biden Investigation. Politico claims Progressives, once skeptical of Biden, rally around his chief of staff. He is functionally the President, after all. The WSJ cited at Haut Hair calls Bidenflation a Grinch for Christmas too. KT at Haut Hair is Fact checking Biden's fowl boast as he pardoned Thanksgiving turkeys. Any excuse to lie. Ace, Good News: The New York Times Says Joe Biden Might be a "Super-Ager," Nigh-Immune to the Effects of Aging

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.21.22 The Geller Reports Kevin McCarthy Says He Will Remove Jew-Hater Ilhan Omar from Committee Assignment, and at LI,  Omar, Swalwell Snipe at McCarthy for His Promise to Keep Them Off House Committees. At Haut Hair, KT, McCarthy pledges to keep these three Democrats out of sensitive committee assignments. Now do 3 more just to make the point about the J6 committee. Madeleine Hubbard at JTN hears cry-baby and soon to be ex-congresscritter Kinzinger is doubtful McCarthy will 'last very long' if elected House speaker. Clarice Feldman at Am Think thinks Congressional Hearings -- Do Them Right or Not at All, but what's the fun in that?

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.21.22, Don Surber makes the case for Trump 2024. Capt. Ed at Haut Hair warns Get ready for the Democrats' big $$ push to get Trump nominated. Bill Barr: Trump Will Burn Down the GOP. Time for New Leadership. Somethings just need burning. John Sexton at Haut Hair, Bill Barr: It's time for Trump to step aside. At Da Wire, ‘There Is No Substitute For Victory’: Ron DeSantis Lays Out The Roadmap For Republicans To Dominate. Another from Madeleine Hubbard, Nikki Haley on possible 2024 presidential bid: 'I've never lost' "She made an even stronger hint about a possible presidential campaign when speaking about her opposition to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal." I don't see it happening, but let her make her case.

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.21.22, Brian C. Joondeph at Am Thinks wonders Has the GOP Learned Anything After the Midterms? (probably not)  Joe Popularis at Da Fed claims Republicans Lose Because They’re Fake Populists With No Real Policy Plans and Eddie Scarry at Da Fed says Losing Is Not Winning, No Matter What The Media’s Favorite ‘Conservatives’ Keep Saying. Scott Johnson at Power Line is Flipping out about the 2022 election. at WaEx, Republicans reconsider ballot harvesting and early voting amid midterm losses. Gotta keep up with the Pelosies. 

KT at Haut Hair reports Kemp, Walker on the campaign trail together for the first time. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.21.22, Weasel Zippers has a Flashback: Raphael Warnock Praises Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s “God Damn America” Sermon As A “Very Fine Homily”… "Shocker." At Insty, VIETNAM VET PAID HIS RENT, STILL FACES EVICTION BY WARNOCK’S CHURCH: "Washington Free Beacon Andrew Kerr continues to pound the Reverend Sen. Ralph Warnock with the facts about how his church is treating residents of the low-income apartment it owns."

Althouse, Have we stopped even caring that we still don't know the complete results of the 2022 elections?,"I don't see updates on the front page anymore. The inconclusiveness is old news, I guess. . . Isn't that the position we've been stuck on for about a week? The election was 13 days ago. It does not inspire confidence!" Cutie Pavlich at Town Hall cites Arizona Attorney General: Maricopa County Broke the Law on Election Day. Catherine Salgado at PJ Media has an Interview with Blake Masters: Maricopa 'Failed' to Run a 'Clean Election.' From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.21.22, The Geller Reports Arizona AG’s Office Officially Opens Inquiry Into Voter Election Irregularities, Legal Violations, & Voter Suppression

Leah Barkoukis at Town Hall reports Election Workers Discover a Memory Card That Changes Outcome of Georgia Race. At Am Think, Steve Feinstein thinks Lazy Voters Enable Democratic Fraud

At Breitbart, Maher: Seems Like FTX CEO Avoided Scrutiny Because He Was on Left’s ‘Team’ — ‘Has a Very Epstein Feel’. As David Strom at Haut Hair notes All the best crooks are Democrats

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