Saturday, November 26, 2022

Trump Political Obit Premature? House to Go 222 to GOP

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.25.22, Eric Root claims Trump’s Arc Must Play Out "It remains an observable fact that the average American voter—the MAGA voter—is not going to abandon Trump, not even for another attractive candidate." I think that's over stating it. George NeuMayer at Am Spec is a little less strident, saying Trump’s Political Obituary Is Premature, "As they did in 2016, critics cast him as unviable even as he commands a strong following." But can he be the power without being the boss, the way Obama has been?  

Mia Cathell at Town Hall thinks There's Something Fishy About the Special Counsel Investigating Trump. Well, he's not starting off from an objective point of view, that's for certain. At WaT, New Trump special counsel Jack Smith once pursued another Republican biggie — and lost. Sundance at CTH, DOJ Once Again Changes Trump Seizure Evidence List Dropping “Empty Classified Folders”, and Continues Refusing to Give President Trump Lawyers the Affidavit Used for Search Warrant, " the DOJ previously leaked to media about “empty folders with classified banners” as part of the evidence cache they collected.  According to the filing the DOJ has since presented three different versions of their evidence collection list, with the most recent list dropping any claims of “two empty folders with classified banners.”

Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.25.22, At Am Great, the redoubtable Julie Kelly has hopes, Is Congress Poised to Investigate Whitmer Fednapping Hoax? Greg Byrnes at PJ Media, calls Christopher Wray: The Mystical Mouthpiece for the Deep State. "It seems he can’t remember the answer to the simplest of questions at congressional hearings. Have a question for the smartest man in law enforcement? Whether it is complicated or simple, he’ll get back to you. Once the cameras are off, and the information the public has a right to know is as stale as a hobo’s breath, then he’ll let you in on the secret — maybe." At Da Wire, ‘Blood Is On Your Hands’: Christian Nonprofit Vandalized After Club Q Shooting and the FBI doesn't seem to be able to do anything about violence from the left.

At Newsbusters, Same Dismal Pattern: CBS Only Mustered One Hunter Biden Story, ABC and NBC Fail to Notice. Scott Johnson at Power Line says Let the credits roll.

Mike LaChance at LI, Republican Kevin Kiley Wins CA House Race, Increasing GOP Majority to 220, “Republican Kevin Kiley defeated Democratic challenger Kermit Jones to win California’s 3rd Congressional seat.” At ET, 2 House Races Remain Uncalled, Republicans Lead in Both "With these two seats being added to the Republican majority, the GOP would have 222 seats in the U.S. House while the Democratic Party would have 213." The same margin Democrats had in the last Congress. Dave Wasserman@Redistrict "I've seen enough: barring a tabulation error, John Duarte (R) defeats Adam Gray (D) in #CA13. That means the final House count will be 222R-213D, a mirror image of Dems' current majority." From the Daily Fetched, California Has Over 250,000 Ballots Still Yet to Be Counted. The longer it takes the more suspicious the results.  

NewsMax claims Polling Average Shows Walker With Slight Lead Over Warnock, but not outside the margin of fraud. Da Caller reports MSNBC’s Joy Reid Says She Will Debate Herschel Walker, But Only One-On-One. Does he get a Joy to reality video translator like Fetterman? At the Conservative Brief, Kari Lake to File Lawsuit Citing Wave of Voting Issues in Arizona Elections. Therre's something deeply wrong with voting in Maricopa County.

At WaEx, GOP beat Democrats by 3 million midterm votes but barely secured House majority. Republican voters are becoming more concentrated, like Democrats. Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.25.22,  Joe Fried at Am Think, Surprised by the Midterm Election Results? Take a Look at the Data. He thinks it's vote harvesting. If we can't outlaw it, we need to beat the Democrats at it. At Front Page, Dan Greenfield identifies another factor, abuse of non-profits by Democrats, in How Corporations and a Nonprofit Partnered to Stop the Red Wave, "The IRS let the Left 'Rock the Vote' in the midterms."  Brandon Weichert at Am Great tells how The Republicans Form Their Circular Firing Squad. It is a tradition, after all. Richard McDonough at Am Think thinks The Democrats’ Plan to Give Illegal Aliens a Path to the Voting Booth. I think he's right. 

Vicky Marshall at Da Fed, YouTube Censored User After He Published Democrats’ 2016 ‘Stolen Election’ Claims. Ben Whedon at JTN, Musk confirms Twitter censors only targeted conservatives, "D'Souza tagged Musk in the post, prompting him to succinctly reply "correct.""

JTN, posts Appellate Court invalidates restraining order against jailed True the Vote principals, "The judges excoriated the lower court’s decision."

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