Monday, November 28, 2022

Maryland, My Maryland

Not another negative post. I saw this in the Bay newsfeed and couldn't resist: 7 Natural Wonders In Maryland

Maryland may be the ninth smallest state in the US, but it is full of natural beauty. From sparkling waterfalls and rugged cliffs to awe-inspiring caverns and breathtaking beaches, there is a lot to see and explore in the great outdoors of this small state. The best time to visit is naturally, in the spring and summer. The weather is perfect for hiking the trails, exploring the state parks, or even relaxing on the beach. However, the state is beautiful at any time of the year and is home to many natural wonders, a must-see for anyone visiting the state.

1. Swallow Falls State Park - Been there. It's nice, especially in heat of summer.

2. Deep Creek Lake - We've spent a week there once. Again, it's pretty nice in summer, and close to good skiing in winter, near good trout fishing in spring.

3. Calvert Cliffs. I wouldn't know a thing at all about this. /sarc

4. Assateague Island - Been there once in summer. The only place in the world with more flies is Australia. And the Australian flies don't bite. Greenheads do. 

5. Billy Goat Trail - Never heard of it before, but it sounds intriguing. Might make an interesting stop on the way to or from Pittsburgh.

6. Crystal Grottoes Caverns - Yep. Love Caves.

7. Sunflowers At Mckee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area - Nope, but sounds like it might be worth stopping by during the blooms.

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