Saturday, November 12, 2022

Election Postmortem Continues

I was getting tired of being tied up with the long morning link-filled posts centered around the upcoming election, and this seems a good time to cut back a bit.

Insty, AMERICA’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD: Republican Party Staves Off Red Wave.

“This was a close call,” said one Republican leader in Washington. “We were worried that we would achieve massive victories tonight, but we thankfully snatched defeat from the jaws of victory to achieve a much more proper and sensible red trickle, like the proper gentlemen we are.”

Some Republicans achieved major victories, which were largely ignored by party leadership due to the fact that those Republicans were loud and icky “MEGA-MAGA” culture warriors. “Ron DeSantis won by double digits, and frankly, we find that quite uncouth,” said a D.C. consultant while holding up a glass of red trickle victory champagne. “Everyone knows the key to being a good Republican is to muddle your message and make it really squishy so no one knows what you stand for and everyone will like you. Duh!”

Everyone in the room then golf-clapped politely.
I had no idea that the Babylon Bee had moles in the Bulwark’s offices.

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.11.22 (Afternoon Edition) This Ain’t Hell sends Noon Wednesday: Republicans tank and Post-election soul searching?.  'Bonchie' at Red State ain't searching his soul, This Election Was an Unmitigated Disaster, and It's Time to Air Some Grievances.

With that said, let’s talk about Mitch McConnell first. That’d be the same Mitch McConnell who decided to pass gun control, give Joe Biden his infrastructure bill, break his promise on the debt ceiling, and proclaim Ukraine the top issue for Americans while shoveling tens of billions in unaccountable money overseas.

If McConnell wanted to validate the attacks on him as leading a nefarious “establishment,” what would he have done differently? It is time for new leadership, and that includes replacing the 80-year-old, deeply disliked GOP Senate leader whose biggest brag was getting through conservative Supreme Court justices with a Republican Senate. My dog could have gotten that done, and he’s old and has arthritis, which is a good description of McConnell.

Then there’s Kevin McCarthy, who’s about as relevant as the Detroit Lions are in any given NFL season. I mean, I don’t even have much to say about him because he’s so worthless. How did that wet paper bag of a leader become first in line to be Speaker of the House? The answer is that self-dealing, including by Donald Trump, who endorsed McCarthy, has put the GOP in the position of having a completely ineffective person leading a bare-bones majority going forward. That shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

And with that mention, we’ll talk about Trump, obviously the most contentious topic in all this. When you look across the political ruins of the GOP’s once great hope of the 2022 cycle, the common denominator is clear. Really Trump-centered candidates got blasted.

I tend to agree. An NFL team would fire it's coaches after a season like this. Salena Zito at NYPo, Trump voters are ‘done’ with ex-president: ‘He needs to disappear’.  From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.11.22 (Evening Edition), Cassandra Smith at Am Think thinks she knows Three Primary Factors Stopped That Red Wave , "The Republican Elites . . . The American Public . . . Early Voting", and Gab News, The Path Forward: Build and Balkanize

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.11.22 (Afternoon Edition) The Federalist: The Big Midterm Lesson: Defensive ‘Victories’ On The Right Aren’t Going To Save The Country, Why New York’s GOP Midterm Loss Is More Of A Win Than You Think, The Case Against Mitch McConnell For Leader, and Arizona’s Election Administration Is An International Embarrassment and from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.11.22 (Evening Edition), The Federalist: Midterm Voters Rewarded Elected Officials Who Stood Up To Covid Tyrants, Democracy Dies When Americans Stop Scrutinizing Partisan Election Administration, Rubio Suggests Senate Republicans Should Consider Ousting McConnell From Leadership, Delayed Results Are Killing Americans’ Trust In Elections, and Democrats Who Were Counting On Demographics Being Destiny Had It All Wrong.

Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair catches the AP: Stop talking about the Maricopa voting machines, peasants The New Neo, want to call your attention to Election mechanics in a post-COVID world

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