Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Election 2020: Liz Cheney Has One Foot on the Banana Peel

Stu Cvrk at Red State makes a pretty good case for hanky-panky in the counting of the W.I.M.P. (Write in and minority party) vote in the election, W.I.M.P.: Did Adjudication of These Votes Provide The Hologram’s Margin of Victory for President* Biden?

I have previously summarized his analyses of WIMP votes in Pennsylvania here and in Wisconsin here. Blehar’s findings from his Pennsylvania analysis include the following:
  • The total number of WIMP votes in Pennsylvania declined by ~113,000 votes from 2016 to 2020. This is highly unlikely given the massive number of mail-in ballots cast in 2020 compared to previous elections.
  • Only 453 write-in votes were received by mail-in ballot out of 2.6 million mail-in ballots cast. This is an improbably low number given that Howie Hawkins, the Green Party write-in presidential candidate, received ~34,000 fewer votes by mail-in than down-ballot Green Party average. Note that a similar situation occurred with Jill Stein in 2016 in Pennsylvania, causing her to refer to the Keystone State’s election system as a “national disgrace.”
  • Jo Jorgenson, the Libertarian candidate for president, received ~20,000 votes fewer by mail-in than down-ballot Libertarian candidates. This is a highly unlikely circumstance and a historical anomaly that strongly suggests vote shifting took place.
  • Vote-switching analysis determined that ~64,000 absentee ballot votes were taken from Trump and switched to Biden through the adjudication process, while ~30,000 Trump Election Day and absentee votes were directly shifted to Biden.
Blehar believes the following happened:
  • Conclusion #1: The total adjudication manipulation resulted in Biden winning the state by ~80,500 votes, but in reality, President Trump actually won Pennsylvania by over 186,000 votes.
  • Conclusion #2: Biden’s margin of victory could have only been obtained through adjudication manipulation.

ET,  Supreme Court Declines to Hear Arizona Election Fraud Challenge "The nine justices, without comment, dismissed (pdf) a request by Pinal County resident Staci Burk to find evidence of election fraud. Burk had sought access to ballots to prove that some were invalid or fraudulent." Jazz Shaw at Hot Hair VIP, Probation for another "dead people voting" charge "Here’s a riddle for our readership to consider. What does it take for the mainstream media to be willing to actually talk openly about real cases of voter fraud? The answer is… when it’s a Republican that does it." Bryan Preston at PJ Media, Kansas Legislature Overrides Governor's Veto, Bans the Election Zuck Bucks. Plus: A Win for 2A Rights.

Gleen Grenwalt on the Rudy Giuliani stories, Corporate News Outlets Again "Confirm" the Same False Story, While Many Refuse to Correct it. Read this one. NYT, via Hot Hair whines that Giuliani allies want Trump to pay his legal bills. Seems fair to me. At WaPoo, Giuliani evidence should be reviewed by an outside lawyer, Justice Dept. says. Indeed it should, but who picks the outside lawyer?

WaPoo proudly announces National Guard soldier is fourth service member charged in Capitol riot, thereby providing one of the excuses for Biden Admin May Partner With Private Firms To Gather Online Data Without Warrants (Da Caller), Biden Admin Considers Using Private Firms To Surveil Americans Online For ‘Extremist Chatter’ (PI), CNN: Biden Admin Wants to Outsource Spying on Americans to Private Firms to Bypass Fourth Amendment (Matt Margolis, PJ Media), Biden Considers Evading Limits on Surveilling Citizens By Farming Spying Operations Out to Third Parties Who Are Less Regulated, (Ace) "Say, weren't all the NeverTrumpers endlessly screeching about the "authoritarian" tendencies of Trump?FBI Caught Snooping Through NSA Records to Look for ‘Racially Motivated Violent Extremists’ (Robert Spencer, PJ Media). Julie Kelly at Am Great, The Democratic Party’s Stasi. Also, from  Julie Kelly on Twitter,   Someone just sent this form letter response by @SenThomTillis  about January 6. Not only does he openly lie about the number of fatalities and Officer Sicknick, he uses all the Left’s talking points. Senate GOP is utterly worthless:  And treading near Godwin's Law, HI has MISTAKEN IDENTITY: Reckless Gestapo-Like Search Shines Light on Today's FBI and House Republicans Request First Hearing with Capitol Police Board Since 1945, It might be time. Meanwhile, Jazz Shaw at Hot Hair reports Most Portland rioters have their cases dismissed.

Insty, OOPS: Fact-Checkers Missed Stealth Edits to Abrams Op-Ed.
The stealth edits went unnoticed by some fact-checkers, who cited the USA Today piece prior to the addition of the editor’s note. In an April 21 essay called “What Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams and Georgia senators said about a MLB boycott,” PolitiFact’s Amy Sherman criticized Kemp and conservative commentator Ben Shapiro for claiming that Abrams initially supported boycotts in Georgia and later changed her mind. “But Abrams repeatedly spoke against boycotts before and after Major League Baseball’s decision to pull the All-Star Game from Georgia,” Sherman wrote.

As evidence, PolitiFact cited Abrams’ USA Today op-ed, and quoted her revised assertions in the stealth version: “Boycotts invariably also cost jobs. To be sustainable, the pain of deprivation must be shared rather than borne by those who are least resilient. They also require a long-term commitment to action.”

Sherman initially failed to recognize that these comments did not exist in the original op-ed. On April 27, after a RealClearPolitics reporter reached out for comment, PolitiFact added an editor’s note and a disclaimer following the above quote, noting, “Abrams originally wrote the op-ed March 31, but it was updated to include those comments days after MLB’s announcement. Her initial op-ed also raised concerns about boycotts.”

Twitter also used the revised version of Abrams’s op-ed to dismiss claims that she had supported the Georgia boycotts.

She got caught, and when she tried to deny it, the “fact-checkers” helped provide cover.

I don't believe they missed it. They lied to cover for her.

Poor Liz Cheney, Anxious claims a Scoop: GOP wants to replace Cheney with another woman, Elise Stefanik, maybe. Punchbowl Report: McCarthy, Scalise back Stefanik's bid to replace Cheney I'm OK with that. At Hot Hair, AllahPundit whines McCarthy: Members of our caucus have "concerns" about Liz Cheney's ability to carry our message; Update: Trashed Cheney on hot mic?, an accident, or not? And, CNN: Vote to oust Liz Cheney from leadership could come as soon as next Wednesday. Sundance at CTH, House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Says Liz Cheney Leadership Ouster Likely Before the End of The Month – Perhaps Tucker Carlson Attacks on McCarthy Are Connected. A little tinfoil helmety if you ask me. John McCormack at NR, Liz Cheney Digs In, as Support Sinks over Blunt Trump Talk. Mediaite whines Why Has Fox News Completely Ignored Trump and Liz Cheney’s Battle Over ‘The Big Lie’?. It's not like the other networks don't selectively cover the news. 

Alex Nitzberg at JTN, Trump targets Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney in statements, calls Romney 'a stone cold loser', and via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.04.21, Don Surber: How Dare You Boo!

He said, "You can boo all you like. I’ve been a Republican all of my life. My dad was the governor of Michigan and I was the Republican nominee for president in 2012."

He's 74.

And he still is clinging to who his daddy was.

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