Saturday, February 13, 2021

Rule 5 Saturday - Shamelessly Furiously MacGyvering - Levy Tran

I spotted this Rule 5 wonder in the new remake of MacGyver, where she replaced Mac's kickass body man and stepped into the role of his girlfriend.

Levy was born April 8, 1983 in San Jose, California to Vietnamese parents. She can speak English and Vietnamese. After she graduated from high school, she received a bachelor's degree in child and adolescent development while minoring in mathematics. Afterwards, she worked at a funeral home as an embalmer in 2011.

In 2011, Tran pursued a modeling career, and after doing commercials decided to move to Los Angeles in 2012. Tran then became successful in modeling as a top Asian female model. Tran modeled for top brands like Inked Magazine, Glass Magazine and Tattoo Life.

And yes, the tattoos are real.  Levy Tran Tattoos and Their Meaning

She stated that her favorite tattoo on her body is her zombie tattoo because of its artistry, but partially regrets her first tattoo she got when she was 18 years old. In 2012, Levy made her first television debut on MTV's Guy Code as a guest host. In 2013, Tran was involved in a controversial music video called "Asian Girlz" created by Day Above Ground. Tran quickly apologized for the music video stating: “I sincerely apologize to all who feels that I set Asian women back 50 yrs. I know I lost respect from a lot of ppl [sic]. It wasn't my intention. [...] It was meant to be light hearted and fun. Satirical. They are sweet boys and not at all racist. That is all I will say. I'm sorry once again.” 


In 2015, Levy played the role of the race starter in Furious 7. She was later voted as one of the most beautiful women of the Fast & Furious franchise. She later went on to have appearances on the television series Jungle Justice in 2015, and later starred in the films Female Fight Squad and The Unwilling. Tran went on to appear in several other television series, including playing Eddie in season 8 of Shameless. Levy then went on to play the role of Roenick in the 2018 film The First Purge, and also appeared in the 2018 Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House, as Trish Park.

Some Shameless NSFW.

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