Sunday, February 21, 2021

Election 2020: Fight Fiercely!

A blessedly small amount this Sunday Morning, and a lot of it comes by way of Wombat-Socho's In The Mailbox: 02.19.21 (Evening Edition). At Am Great Nice Deb discusses how Nearly 5000 National Guardsmen To Stay In DC Until Mid-March For Fear Of QAnon, and Retired General Chosen By Pelosi To Head “Independent Review” Of Capitol Riots Under Fire For Partisan, Profane, & Bigoted Remarks. And from LI, Legal Insurrection: House Democrats Introduce Bill To Ban “Twice Impeached Presidents” From Burial At Arlington, also, Trump Doesn’t Rule Out 2024 Run – Polls Show GOP Voters Want Him To Have A Major Role In The Party. And Da Tech Guy warns us to  Be Very Afraid Of The Biden Administration’s Coming Crackdown On “Domestic Extremism”. All of this has a familiar ring.

Starting with the last one, former Republican Capt. Ed at Hot Air seems happy with “Arrest This Assembly”: DoJ Charges Nine Oath Keepers With Conspiracy In Capitol Riot

As always, indictments are not convictions. Prosecutors have to prove these charges in court, and defendants have an opportunity to present their own case in their defense. Thanks to their digital communications, which the FBI seems to have little trouble uncovering, despite attempts by the defendants to scrub their accounts, these nine might end up presenting both sides of the case. The indictment contains two counts of tampering as well as the other charges associated with the riot itself. It’s quite amazing how much of this indictment relies on evidence that the defendants created in on-line conversations planning this attack, at least on their own parts. That may be why it’s only taken a few weeks to put together a conspiracy case, which is normally a tougher charge to substantiate.
As AOC reminded her BLM buddies, don't take your phones to your "mostly peaceful" demonstrations! And you might not want to use them for planning either. PM informs us the Biden Justice Department and FBI investigating possible ties between Roger Stone, Ali Alexander, Alex Jones and Capitol rioters. They used the word fight! They're aching to get Roger on something to undo Trump's pardon. Alex Jones would be a bonus. And neither would get a fair trial in Washington D.C. I won't be surprised when they announce they're going after Gen. Flynn either. 
Officials said that the investigation at this stage is aiming to identify who may have influenced the actions of the rioters, the Washington Post reports. This effort also includes discerning whether any individuals who may have influenced the rioters could be held criminally responsible for doing so.

An official speaking to the Post named Alex Jones, Roger Stone and Ali Alexander as persons of interest in the ongoing investigation.

"We are investigating potential ties between those physically involved in the attack on the Capitol and individuals who may have influenced them, such as Roger Stone, Alex Jones and [Stop the Steal organizer] Ali Alexander," the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said to the Post.
. . .
On the day of the riot however, Jones followed the crowd, and did not lead it to the Capitol building. He was recorded discouraging violence during the storming of the building, saying "let’s not fight the police and give the system what they want."

Stone has distanced himself from the violence on the 6th, saying, "I have specifically denounced the violence at the Capitol, the intrusion in the Capitol. That’s not how we settle things in America."

PM also chronicles Jamie Raskin's continued attempts to cancel Trump: Former Impeachment Manager won't stop until he can find a way to bar Trump from political life, using the 14th Amendment Bill of Attainder approach. To explain why see how Attempts to Erase Trump Will Cost GOP Elections 2022 and 2024: Rep. Jim Banks (T). They're still deathly afraid of him. 

“A Republican Party that seeks to erase President Trump and fails to understand his appeal to working-class voters is destined to lose elections in 2022, 2024, and beyond,” tweeted Banks, the chair of the House Republican Study Committee.

“As a conservative leader in the GOP I’m determined to make sure that won’t happen.”

ET also reports that the Biden DOJ Changes Legal Position in Arizona Voting Case. Because of course they did. Adopting a pro-ballot harvesting stance.

Via Sundance at CTH, Sidney Powell tells us “Never Mistake My Quiet for Inaction”

Attorney Sidney Powell has an update on several SCOTUS 2020 election cases. After the conference on Friday Ms. Powell anticipates SCOTUS orders on Monday and opinions to be shared on Thursday of next week. [Telegram Source Link Here]
It's the first time I've heard of Telegram. It appears to be a Twitter like app, since of course she has been banned by Twitter. If only I had a use for that.


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