Sunday, February 21, 2021

Beach Report 2/21/21

We hit a low of 23 F last night, but the rain of ice out of the top of the trees continued. Once the sun came out this morning, there was only a little ice visible in the trees.
We had a pretty good tide; it was nominally high, but quite low because of yesterday's winds, and we got up past the big fall since the first time the tree fell nearby
Georgia hold up a nice icicle tangle 
Although we managed 17 teeth, including a couple of decent Snaggletooths, this was my favorite fossil today, a Skolithos, a rock with fossil worm tubes in it. This shot shows it end on, and the circles are the tubes.
From side view, the long tubes are exposed. These are not relatively recent Miocene fossils found in the local cliffs. Instead, they are reputed to be pieces of much older (Cambrian) stone transported from further up the watershed by being trapped in tree roots. There were many exposed today, but I found this one the right size for carrying, and with a lot of the tubes showing.
Ice on the jetty. 

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