Saturday, February 6, 2021

Russiagate Still Clinging to Life

Lloyd Billingsley at Front Page would like to introduce you to  the DC Judge Who Let the FBI Criminal Off Light?

Carter Page might expect the judge to lecture Clinesmith about the lawyer about sullying the reputation of the FBI and DOJ, and betraying the federal government that employed him to uphold the law. None of that for District of Columbia judge James Boasberg. He opted for leniency because the allegedly remorseful Clinesmith had suffered by losing his job and “standing in the eye of a media hurricane.” It was a curious choice of words for the Obama appointee.

“Crossfire Hurricane” was the name of the FBI-DOJ covert operation against candidate and President Trump. And as it turns out, according to official sources, since 2014 Boasberg has served as the presiding judge of United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.”

That detail failed to turn up in news reports on Clinesmith’s slap on the wrist, which was much less than three to six month prison sentence sought by special counsel John Durham. After appointment by attorney general William Barr in May, 2019, Durham has failed to bring any criminal charges against major “Crossfire Hurricane” players James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and others.

With the tap on the wrist for Clinesmith, Boasberg sends the message loud and clear. The DOJ and FBI may conduct covert operations against a duly elected president of the United States, violating federal law and abusing the FISA process, and avoid all prosecution. For 74 million Trump supporters, that is bad news going forward.

Sundance at CTH had Devin Nunes and Kash Patel Discussing Kevin Clinesmith’s Light Sentence For Lying to FISA Court, but Fox News took it down. At Am Great, And They Got Away With It

Clinesmith did not act in a vacuum. As I noted in August, Clinesmith made sure his superiors knew exactly what he was doing before doctoring the false evidence for the consumption of the FISA court. His attorney told us, “Mr. Clinesmith had provided the unchanged C.I.A. email to Crossfire Hurricane agents and the Justice Department lawyer drafting the original wiretap application.”

Rosenstein personally oversaw the application and the team that sought to continue the spying that began in July 2016. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Clinesmith’s leverage over powerful Justice Department co-conspirators coincided with a farcically light non-prison penalty for the most serious and easily proven criminal behavior by the get-Trump deep state.

No wonder he was one of the few Trump appointees who was on Joe's  "keeper" list. Paul Sperry

TOP SECRET: FBI Director Christopher Wray is covering up, er, classifying at top levels, all documents referring to the "Crossfire Hurricane Fusion Center." He won't let Congress know what it was, where it was based or who was assigned to it.

Sundance, Declassification and The DeceptiCon Agenda

A Question presented:
“Why do you think Trump didn’t do much in the last three months including declassifying stuff?“
The answer is simple, yet politically complex. President Trump’s cabinet, specifically those cabinet members feeling a greater responsibility to protect their institutions, would not comply with any executive office requests to declassify material. . . .

 Also Systemic Contingencies – The Need For Bill Barr’s Positioning Revealed, 2018 and Systemic Contingencies – They All Knew – Lessons From Spygate About Severity of DC Corruption

Robert Mueller had two goals as special counsel. Goal #1 was to continue the fraudulent DOJ/FBI “Stop Trump” operation initiated by James Comey, Andrew McCabe and their crew technically named Crossfire Hurricane. Goal #2 was to bury the illegal action; to create the cover-up needed for everything that took place in the “Stop Trump” operation.

It is the second goal that most people never reconciled; however, it is also that second goal that’s the most important. Everyone in DC knew Mueller’s objective. Every person in every branch of government and every federal agency knew Mueller’s real purpose.

Which is definitely not what Robert Mueller himself told Chuck Rosenberg, reported by Dan Chaitin at WaEx, Robert Mueller reveals why he became special counsel

News Max, Prosecution of Comey Reportedly 'Unlikely' After Durham Probe. Too bad. That sends a bad message.

WaPoo, Manhattan district attorney considering prosecuting Stephen Bannon following his pardon by Trump in federal fraud case. Going scorched earth, of course. If Republicans ever get control again, I hope they remember.

An explanation frequently invoked by Eric Swallowell, Woe is he! Media shed light on what Eric Swalwell had to contend with ‘after being unwittingly linked to a Chinese spy’ You might think sleeping with the enemy was a bad thing.
There is a colleague of mine who sent a tweet out just attacking me, and I texted him and I said, “Really?” He called me, and he was like, “Hey bro! How you doing, man?” I’m like, “How am I doing? You just sent out a tweet attacking me. Why are you doing this?” He goes, “I didn’t know I sent a tweet.” I’m like, “What do you mean you don’t know you sent a tweet?” He said, “Oh, let me check on that.” He called me back, “Oh, my staff sent it.”

I said, “Well, take it down. Why don’t you call me if you have questions?” He goes, “Well, I don’t think you did anything wrong. You did exactly what you’re supposed to do.” I said, “Well, then take down the tweet, don’t be a part of this feeding frenzy.” He’s like, “It’s coming down, I swear.” He texts me, “Just talked to them, it’s coming down.” But he didn’t take it down, so I called him again, and he goes, “Hey man, so my staff said that this is the best performing tweet we’ve had. And I’m not going to say anything else. If I’m asked about this publicly, I’m going to say you did the right thing. But if we take it down, it will be so obvious.” I’m like, That’s courage around here?

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