Friday, February 19, 2021

Beach Report 2/19/21 - Ice, Ice, Baby

We got another light shot of freezing rain last night, maybe another 1/8-1/4 inch, which left the trees glistening. Thanks to heavy salting, the roads were fine, but we did see a little tree damage on the way down. In fact, Skye and I had to find our way around the broken top of a small tree on our way down to the street behind the house.
Once down to the harbor, I decided to avoid the docks because they looked like a sheet of ice, and I didn't fancy a dip.
The beach was largely devoid of ice, but the trees on cliffs collected quite a lot.
It was a bit windy from the north; the wind gauge at Cove Point appears to be frozen, and giving a false low reading.
A bit of left over Valentine's Day festivities. 
At 32.5 F, there wasn't much melting going on, but you could here ice fall out of the trees. We didn't walk to far up, because of the ice, and instability of the cliff in a freeze/thaw time.
Not a great day for fossils; we found 8 teeth, none photo-worthy and left these two scallops behind. See the little one in the lower right? I didn't, until I checked the photo. 

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