Friday, February 19, 2021

Election 2020: Following Trump to the Grave

The latest insanity from the Democrats from LI, House Democrats introduce bill to ban “Twice Impeached Presidents” from burial at Arlington National Cemetery, Vicky Taft at PJ Media, Unity Watch: Democrats Introduce a Bill to Punish Trump When He Dies and Stephen Kruiser, The Morning Briefing: Dems' Trump Derangement Syndrome Hits Pathetic New Low.  I didn't think that was possible. See, I learned something today! Natalie Winters at TNP, As Americans Suffer COVID And Blackouts, House Dems Draft Bill To Ban ‘Twice Impeached Presidents’ From Burial At Arlington Cemetery. It's clearly a Bill of Attainder, specifically forbidden by the Constitution, but when has that ever bothered the Democrats? 

A bill of attainder (also known as an act of attainder or writ of attainder or bill of penalties) is an act of a legislature declaring a person, or a group of persons, guilty of some crime, and punishing them, often without a trial.

Actually, they held a trial, and he was acquitted, both times, remember?  Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.18.21 – The Rush Limbaugh Memorial Edition, Don Surber insists Impeachment Was A Diversion from the nasty stuff Biden was doing. WaPoo, A group of House Democrats thought they had a chance to secure a conviction of former president Donald Trump -- despite the steep odds. Bullshit, they're just trying to put lipstick on that pig.

Some weirdness at Vox Populi, also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.18.21 – The Rush Limbaugh Memorial Edition, Still Not The President. Hmmm, won't they let him near the toys?

News Max, has a Poll: Most Republicans Back Trump, Unfavorable Toward McConnell. Insty, EFFORTS AT UNPERSONING SO FAR A FAILURE: Republicans choose Trump over Reagan as ‘best president’ ever 2-1. "The greatest power of the media has always been to demoralize and intimidate people on the right. This suggests it’s not going very well. No wonder they’re crying in their gluten-free beer."

What I said yesterday, I think. CNN resents McConnell's plan to deal with Trump: Ignore him.   Easier said than done. Nicholas Ballasy at JTN, Hill GOP leaders at the crossroads: McConnell dumps Trump, while McCarthy embraces At TNP, The Republican Establishment Is Engaging In Political Suicide. It couldn't happen to a worthier group. I take that back, they could be Democrats. Capt. Ed at Hot Air notices Politico notices Haley Reached Out To Trump For A Meeting — And Got Snubbed. Sundance at CTH,  Nikki Haley Wanted Meeting With President Trump at Mar-a-Lago, Trump Turned Her Down. If a dog bites my hand, I'd be reluctant to let it come back and try to lick it. As to why she came back to lick the hand? JTN, Backlash: Six of seven GOP Senators voting to convict Trump have been rebuked in home states

The Peacock explains How the 1871 Ku Klux Klan Act is being used in this latest Trump lawsuit. Human Events, Team-left Rep. Sues Trump, Giuliani, Proud Boys Despite Any Evidence of Conspiracy. Evidence? Since when has that been a requirement for Democrats to sue Republicans? Just get it in the right venue. 

 Miranda Devine at NYPo wonders What about justice for this Capitol rioter?

When violent anti-cop rioters were arrested in last year’s “summer of rage,” high-profile Democrats donated cash to bail them out, left-wing lawyers defended them pro bono and sympathetic judges and DAs bent over backward to let them off scot-free.

But when Trump supporters were rounded up over the Capitol riot, they were on their own. “Lock them up and throw away the key” has been the attitude in the six weeks since.

Denied bail, locked in jail indefinitely, relocated to Washington, DC, far from family and friends, with limited access to lawyers and little money, many face more than 10 years in jail for little more than trespassing on federal property.

Take Richard “Bigo” Barnett, still languishing in a DC federal prison, more than 1,000 miles from home and his ailing wife of 20 years. . . .

I have mixed emotions, he was stupid to do what he did, but the actual harm was negligible. The I&I editorial board lays out  how The Media Has Been Lying About The Capitol Protests. Well, they lie about almost everything else. At least they're consistent. Joy Pullman at Da Fed expects Lies About Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick Ominously Foreshadow Democrats’ ‘Truth Commission’ and Da Blaze points out Retired Army general tapped by Nancy Pelosi to review Capitol siege flagged over attacks on Republicans "Tucker Carlson points out Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré called Sen. Josh Hawley (R) a 'little peace of s**t'" Wouldn't want to start with an open mind or anything like that. Why bother to have an investigation? Just write the report. 

On Da Hill, Nearly 5,000 National Guard troops to stay in DC over concerns of potential violence in March over rumors of chatter. 

Thousands of National Guard troops will remain in Washington, D.C., in early March amid concerns over followers of the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory, some of whom hold out hope former President Trump will be returned to office March 4.

Tristan Justice at Da Fed writes National Guard May Occupy Washington D.C. Through The Fall

According to one internal email shared with Fox News, the Pentagon’s assistant secretary of defense, Robert Salesses, wrote:
If it’s not possible to sustain at the current level the [National Guard] personnel, we need to establish the number of [National Guard] personnel ([D.C. National Guard] and out-of-state] we can sustain for an extended period – at least through Fall 2021 – and understand additional options for providing DoD support, to include use of reserve personnel, as well as active component.

Because nothing says a free and fair election like occupying troops.  

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