Monday, February 22, 2021

Election 2020: Trump for Speaker?

Althouse, "So, Trump will easily win a congressional seat in Florida if he runs in 2022. The census update likely means the GOP picks up 5+ seats in the house..."

"... to take control. And then the GOP makes Trump speaker. Then Trump has control over the legislative agenda and impeachment. Fun ensues."

So said Tom, commenting on the first post of the day today.

I don't know if Tom is the first person to say that, but what an interesting scenario. It has happened before that a former President has gone on to serve in the House of Representatives:
[John Quincy] Adams considered permanently retiring from public life after his 1828 defeat, and he was deeply hurt by the suicide of his son, George Washington Adams, in 1829. He was appalled by many of the Jackson administration's actions... Adams grew bored of his retirement and still felt that his career was unfinished, so he ran for and won a seat in the United States House of Representatives in the 1830 elections. His election went against the generally held opinion, shared by his own wife and youngest son, that former presidents should not run for public office. Nonetheless, he would win election to nine terms, serving from 1831 until his death in 1848. Adams and Andrew Johnson are the only former presidents to serve in Congress....

Ace is not high on the idea, Trump For Congress? Um...Cute, But Dumb.

It's an appealing idea; one that combines a thumb in the eye of the Democrat machine that is desperate to deplatform (and probably imprison) President Trump with a ready-made bully pulpit for a man who is a master at using one.

Trump for Congress, 2022
Trump for Congress 2022! Donald Trump declares his candidacy, asks voters across the country to turn out and elect him a Republican majority in the House, and launches a simultaneous campaign to become Speaker of the House once elected. Imagine, Donald Trump second in line to the Presidency and forcing President Biden-Harris-Biden to negotiate with him in order to pass legislation. The “Art of the Deal” evolves into the political “Art of War.”
Except....The position of Speaker of The House requires knowledge of the intricacies of the rules of the House, and the ability to manipulate those rules. One of President Trump's weaknesses was his inability to navigate the labyrinth of government, preferring to use his own management style that worked well for him in the past, coupled with his excellent and energizing speaking skills.

But that management style won't work in the House, because the 218+ representatives each have their own agendas and the Republican Party has been remiss for a very long time in cracking the whip and forcing a unified voice. And the bully pulpit of the speaker is an order of magnitude smaller than the president's.

That pretty much crystallizes my thoughts. Trump doesn't strike me as a very good congresscritter. 

NYPo Ed Board, Pelosi’s ‘9/11-style panel’ for Capitol riot is just a bid to sell her pet conspiracy theories

. . . the often-used term for the riot, “insurrection,” suggests a significant portion of the population launching a sustained, armed attack to overthrow the government. Yet there’s no sign rioters planned such an attack or that any of them brandished firearms in the building. Again, it was awful, but it was no Whiskey Rebellion.

And, for all the venting on the left, neither American democracy nor the presidential transition was ever at risk.

But the speaker plainly doesn’t care about the facts. Heck, Russel Honor√©, the long-retired general she put in charge of her “security investigation” after the attacks, is an utter crank who has condemned the federal agents facing down the Portland rioters and was claiming to know the real story of the Capitol attack long before any dust had settled.

Also from Jon Levine at NYPo,  ‘Huge amount’ of lawmakers, staff seeking therapy after Capitol riot

“There’s a lot of stress and anger going on. … We’re validating feelings, whatever they are,” Rep. Gerald E. Connolly told the Capitol Hill newspaper. “Interestingly, the people I think who were struggling the most are the people who physically were not here.”

Angry and depressed they missed the only exciting thing to happen in Congress for years?  Or just malingering and hoping for a payout?

The Peacock presumes to tell you The GOP is rapidly becoming the blue-collar party. Here's what that means. "Most of the GOP's blue-collar growth took place during the presidency of Donald Trump." What it means is that demographics aren't going to provide the unbreakable majority the Democrats seek. It also means they will carry out a war on jobs, hoping to put all the blue-collar workers on welfare at the Democrats behest. 

And from Sundance, Sunday Talks, Senator Ron Johnson Discusses Capitol Hill Breach Investigation and Next Week Hearings

Good until Fox takes the video down. 

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