Monday, February 15, 2021

Beach Report 2/15/21

When Skye and I walked through the harbor on our way down to the beach, this male Long-tailed Duck was hanging out in the back of the harbor, which is a bit unusual since they seem to prefer to stay further offshore. Old-timers may know them better by the name of Old Squaw.

We found this escapee from yesterdays celebration washed up on the beach. I punctured it, deflated it, put it in my pocket and deposited it in the trash cans at the parking lot. 
It was warmer than yesterday, 39 F or so, with a moderate N wind. The ice from the ice storm from 2 nights ago is gone, and all but the largest piles of snow from snow plowing is gone too.
The best of 17 teeth, a medium sized, but very sharp Snaggletooth. Sorry about the focus. 

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