Sunday, February 21, 2021

Annals of the Biden Crime Family: Panic in the Pandemic

It's been a while, so this is a mixture of older and newer stuff, most of which wouldn't appear in your daily paper or MSM broadcast news. 

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From Fox,  Miranda Devine: Biden's ethical standards aren't worth a hill of beans -- the ugly truth about 'Honest Joe' "Biden watered down his family’s ethics rules immediately after the election"

White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted a little over a week ago that the president’s wayward 51-year-old son still owns 10 percent of Chinese equity firm BHR Partners.

So much for Joe’s promise that "no one in my family will . . . have any business relationship with anyone that relates to a foreign corporation or a foreign country. Period. Period. End of story."

But that was B.E., aka before the election. Everything’s changed now.

Biden watered down his family’s ethics rules immediately after the election to a vague statement about "appropriate distance" from the presidency.

"My son, my family will not be involved in any business, any enterprise, that is in conflict with or appears to be in conflict, with the appropriate distance from, the presidency and government," he told CNN in December.

Clear as mud.
Naomi Lim at WaEx, Family tradition: Republicans lack ways to check Biden family access-peddling and Jerry Dunleavy Computer repair shop owner who obtained Hunter Biden laptop sues Twitter over 'hacked materials' claim
A prior lawsuit, also claiming defamation and demanding $500 million in damages, was filed in the same court and tossed out by a judge in late December over lack of jurisdiction. In his new lawsuit, Mac Isaac attempts to bypass the jurisdiction issue. He also says that there had been defamation damages greater than $75,000 and that the exact award amount could be determined after a trial.

In addition, Mac Isaac asked Twitter to “make a public retraction of all false statements and to issue a public apology” to him.

Rassmussen,  54% of Voters Say Biden Is a ‘Puppet’ of the Left. And at least 46% haven't been paying attention.

Natalie Winters at TNP, 2013, Joe Biden Met With The Chairman Of The Chinese Propaganda Unit Seeking To ‘Influence Foreign Governments To Adopt Beijing’s Preferred Polices. 2021, WATCH: Joe Biden Excuses the Uyghur Genocide as ‘Just a Chinese Cultural Norm,’ Spreading CCP Propaganda. Breitbart, Conservative Lawmakers Launch Legislative Blitz Exposing Biden’s Weakness on Communist China. Expect no media coverage.

In the Mail from across the Pond, Biden's deputy press secretary TJ Ducklo RESIGNS for threatening to 'destroy' reporter if she revealed details of his secret relationship with an Axios journalist - after White House only suspended him for a week. Bye bye! But at WaEx, Katherine Doyle exposes The radicals: Five firebrand Biden nominees and appointments

From WUWT, Biden’s Offshore Leasing Moratorium Will Increase GHG Emissions, and from WaEx, Biden climate goals mean conflict with natural gas, the resource behind recent emissions reductions but that's OK because the true aim of "climate" policy is government control over industry. 

Breitbart, Biden Plan Brings Deported Illegal Aliens Back to U.S. to Get Amnesty. John Solomon at JTN, Arizona sheriff slams Biden's 'hasty' border easing, cites fivefold spike in illegal immigration. Vote harvesting for 2028. 

Sky News, Australia, ‘Never before’ has the leader of the free world been ‘so cognitively compromised’. Sundance at CTH has the video at Australia News Calls Out Joe Biden for Cognitive Compromise, The Dementia is Transparently Obvious

Arguing against that Former Republican Capt. Ed at Hot Air reports Newsweek’s Big Biden Scoop: He Won A MarioKart Match Against His Granddaughter. Video or it didn't happen. Also, Media Discovers: Presidenting In A Pandemic Is Unexpectedly Difficult
Neither CNN nor Politico are incorrect in that approach, but the timing of their epiphanies is certainly … curious. For instance, after a full year of assigning personal responsibility for every COVID-19 development to Donald Trump, Politico suddenly discovered that presidents don’t have total control of pandemic management three weeks into Joe Biden’s term . . .
The goalposts don't even slow down. 

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