Sunday, February 14, 2021

Ice Storm Report

Yesterday, what the Weather Channel likes to call "Winter Storm Tabitha" struck most of the Mid-Atlantic seaboard, bringing snow to the north, rain to south, and ice in the middle. We were in the middle, and got somewhere around 1/8 - 1/4 of an inch of ice deposited in the course of the day.

Here's the ice that I peeled off a leaf on our walk.

The main danger of ice storms is the weight of the ice on power lines and trees, often bringing them down. We had no power problems, and no tree damage, but on the walk we saw a couple of down trees, including this one on the street immediately below our house that nearly got the truck. In 1994, we had an ice storm that left 3 inches of ice everywhere, including the roads, and downed many trees and power lines. We were out of power for a week.

The road were fine, having been well salted ahead of time, and benefiting from not having been very cold in the time before the ice. The ice got thicker as we got closer to the beach. Look at the slanted icicles on the sign. 
Well glazed Red Twig Dogwood that line the harbor.
Well frosty dune grasses.
Skye (voluntarily) spent most of the day outside, but no ice stuck to her. It was blowing pretty hard at the beach, so we only walked a little way down the beach to Calvert, and went up the stairs. We only found 4 sharks teeth, none picture worthy.

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