Saturday, February 27, 2021

Trump Shot Scheduled

A friend called Georgia this morning with word that Walgreens and CVS pharmacies in the county had slots available in the near future. Armed with that info, Georgia got online, and scheduled us both appointments in the midweek. After that she called a friend with the news, and she and her husband got scheduled as well. The women's network saves the day. So, barring some unforeseen event, we should be on the road to immunity late next week.

She's been trying furiously for days now, ever since we became eligible by the States criteria, but none of the local pharmacies or the health Dept. were offering vaccines outside the more critical groups. Seems to be strictly a supply issue.

Looking at the state site, you can see that overall, Maryland had distributed a little less than 900,000 first doses, out of a state population of about 6,000,000, roughly 13%. Our county, Calvert is a little ahead of average, 14.9%, with 7.9% having had the second dose. By contrast, Kent County (across the bridge from Annapolis) leads, with 22% having the first dose, and Prince George's County, nestled in DC's armpit, trailing with only 7.3%  being vaccinated..

As near as I can discern, the plan for vaccinating MD has not changed since Jan. 20, so not only credit for the development of the vaccine, but the rollout of the vaccine should be given to Trump.

Note that from both the point of view of new cases, and deaths, Maryland seems to be safely on the downward slope:

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