Monday, February 22, 2021

Catching Up on Russiagate

I warned that Russiagate was likely to be an almost dead issue after China Joe's inauguration, and that seems to be bearing out. Some revelations since our last chapter.

John Solomon, a Russigate stalwart, at his own site JTN reports Smoking gun: Comey told Clapper FBI unable to 'sufficiently corroborate' Steele — then signed FISA "In January 2017 email to intel chief coughed up under court order, the former FBI director contradicted sworn avowal to FISA court that Steele dossier was verified." So what's the point of having the high muckety mucks sign off on this stuff if there are no sanctions when they ignore the warning signs?  But, I'm not shocked. Also from Solomon, Twenty days of infamy: the January 2017 red flags the FBI blew past on Russia collusion "Declassified memos details evidence that devastated FBI theories on Trump ... but did not stop the probe." Gellar, Comey email reveals FBI, DOJ made ‘premeditated effort to dislodge’ President Trump from office. To be fair, that's Matt Gaetz' conclusion, but it certainly seems to be true.  Comey, in particular, should go to jail for insurrection. But it ain't likely, 

At Am Great, Lloyd Billingsley takes on Chief Justice James Boasberg? who all but left Kevin Clinesmith off the hook for perpetrating a fraud on the FISA Court that he heads.

The FISA warrant to surveil Carter Page, Boasberg explained, would have been approved even without Clinesmith’s “misstatement.” Judge Boasberg ought to know.

In 2014, John Roberts appointed Boasberg to the FISA court, and since January 2020, Boasberg has served as presiding judge of the FISA court. That body holds a distinct advantage over the U.S. Supreme Court, which operates in public, with rulings and opinions endlessly analyzed. None of that for the FISA court, but the Clinesmith case briefly lifted the robes.

Boasberg knew the court would have approved the warrant on CIA asset Carter Page without Clinesmith’s falsification. So Boasberg doubtless signed off on it. He then slipped back into his circuit court robe and let Clinesmith off with a gentle tap on the wrist. This ruling has no parallel on the U.S. Supreme Court.
It's long past time to reform the FISA process, but that is also unlikely to happen with Democrats in charge. More likely they'll go all in with domestic surveillance after the Capitol incursion.

Garland made the stunning statement in response to questions from Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa).

“If confirmed, will you commit to providing special counsel Durham with the staff, resources, funds, and time needed to thoroughly complete the investigation?” asked Grassley.

“So, senator, I don’t have any information about the investigation as I sit here today, and another one of the very first things I’m going to have to do is speak with Mr. Durham and figure out how his investigation is going,” replied Garland. “I understand that he has been permitted to remain in his position, and sitting here today, I have no reason to think that that was not the correct decision.”

Grassley followed up by asking if Durham would only be removed “for cause.”

“I would have to have an opportunity to talk with him,” Garland responded. “I have not had that opportunity. As I said, I don’t have any reason, from what I know now, which is really very little, to make any determination on that ground. But I don’t have any reason to think that he should not remain in place.”

Garland also refused to commit to releasing the report to the public.

“I am a great believer in transparency. I would, though, have to talk with Mr. Durham and understand the nature of what he’s been doing and the nature of the report. But I am very much committed to transparency and to explaining Justice Department decision-making.”

So, he's hedging. Bill Barr promised to protect Mueller, and did so.

And sometimes, the system works. Da Caller, Paul Manafort Can’t Be Prosecuted In New York Because Of Double Jeopardy, Court Rules

John Sexton at Hot Air reports  Ghislaine Maxwell Confirmed The Existence Of Tapes Of Trump And Clinton, but not what's on them. It seems clear that Epstein was running a black mail/protection racket. And Ghislaine didn't kill herself. Yet. 

Also at Da Caller, Goon On Goon Violence: Michael Avenatti And Michael Cohen Go At It. Can we issue them both poisoned weapons?

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