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Election 2020: Shampeachment Persecutions Continue

Yesterday, in Shampeachment news (link to the archive), the House persecutors filled the chamber with horror videos, claiming “We Have The Goods”: House Dems To Show Never-Before-Seen Footage Of Capitol Attack and Democrats Present 'Doctored' Video of Capitol Riot During Trump Impeachment Trial  (House Democrats omit Trump's call to protest 'peacefully and patriotically' from impeachment trial video) before showing Mitt Romney barely escaping having to talk to constituents. Ted Cruz noted it was "sound and fury, signifying nothing" and credited Shakespeare, to which one-time English major, Andrea Mitchell called him ignorant, and credited Faulkner (Faulkner stole the line from Shakespeare to use in a title. Jen Ruben retweeted Andrea. Both showed no shame upon being discredited. Insty,  A tweet told by an idiot,  IT’S COME TO THIS: Andrea Mitchell gets into a tussle with Sen. Ted Cruz over literature, loses.

Twitchy, D’OH! Eric Swalwell’s making such a splash as an impeachment manager that somebody else’s name is trending (just guess). Fang Fang! While Democrats Argue Impeachment of Former President is Constitutional, others see it differently, Dems’ Sham Trump Impeachment: An Unconstitutional Abuse Of Power, Trump’s Impeachment Sets a Dangerous Precedent "It’s an encroachment on private citizens’ rights and the powers of the executive branch."  Damon Linker tries to explain why It is both right and foolish to try Trump. Impeachment Trial Redux "This unprecedented effort by the Democrats is about nothing more than trying to disqualify their political opposition."‘ You Cannot Overstate The Loathing’: Brit Hume Says Impeachment Is ‘Half-Baked’ But Based On Hatred For Trump. How dare he beat Hillary! But David French whines Is the Republican Party Truly Trumpist Now? The Impeachment Trial Is the Ultimate Test

Uh Oh... Dem Impeachment Manager Tried to Block Electoral College Votes in 2017 . We must impeach! Capt. Ed claims that Bloomberg claims that  McConnell is Declining To Whip For Acquittal In Trump Trial, still, Few expect Trump conviction, even fewer to watch Senate trial. Certainly not me. With acquittal a foregone conclusion, the real drama is what Trump does next. Murkowski On Looming Trump Acquittal: It’s Okay, Americans Will Never Elect Him Again. I'll bet they said the same thing about Calvin Coolidge.  

Stacy McCain on The Question of Motive

Ryan Williams, president of the Claremont Institute, examines the motives of Republicans who support impeachment 2.0:
They hope this impeachment will cast Trump into the outer darkness and they can get back to normal politics. But a dishonest traditional media, aided and abetted by social media giants acting as the elect arbiters of “true” political information, has helped our political establishment maneuver America into an intractable position on impeachment. North of 40% of actual American voters consider the forces arrayed against Trump as fundamentally dishonest. Trust and respect, once lost, are hard to recover. The elite simply has no reputational capital in reserve to conduct a serious political exile of a president who just received 74+ million votes.
(Hat-tip: Instapundit.) Trump never could have been elected in 2016 if the “normal politics” of the GOP did not yield such abysmal failures as, e.g., the hopelessly doomed 2008 John McCain presidential campaign and the misguided House speakership of Paul Ryan. And it must be said that many “conservative” pundits failed to appreciate the potential for a populist uprising against the GOP Establishment. Trump elicited support from people who never would have voted for any of the Republican candidates preferred by the establishment. These were voters who were sick and tired of being sick and tired, and whatever else you say about Trump, you must give him credit for inspiring hope in Americans who had lost hope in the political system. As easy as it is to recite Trump’s flaws, what he represented to disillusioned voters was a willingness to fight back against the decadent elite of both parties.

Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes Discuss the Political Impeachment Circus

Althouse channels sometimes sensible Megan McArdle, "If Donald Trump directly caused the Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6, then Democrats need to prove it...." But they can't because he was still speaking as they invaded the Capitol, and some had clearly planned to do so in advance. Scott Adams (tweet link so you can avoid it if you want). Democrats are just waving the bloody shirt. 
Please stop asking me to form an opinion around your hallucination that someone "incited an insurrection." That only happened in your imagination and was created by the Fake News Industry. I don't form policy opinions around the hallucinations of strangers.

“His Heroism and His Restraint Saved Lives”- Attorney Speaks Out after Police Lieutenant Who Shot and Killed Ashli Babbitt Lawyers Up. I wonder why we still don't officially know his name. Ace wonders Why Are the Feds Hiding Brian Sicknick's Medical Report?

I have a theory: they're hiding it because the medical report says he died of a stroke, and suffered no injuries at all (that is, the stroke was not caused by the riots), and the feds are hiding this fact until their Democrat allies have their show trial for Trump.

“We don’t know what they are” but somebody heard something somewhere, so the military deployment will continue. Threats have occurred in waves toward members of Congress at least since the farm crisis of the 1980s, but prior menacing did not result in the occupation of the capital city.
The basic premise of the Time article was “we had to do all of this to protect America from the false accusations Trump was sure to make about voting fraud.” This presupposes a lot. It presupposes he would be making such accusations. It presupposes they would of course be false.

But these things – especially the latter – were unknowable prior to the election. The first – Trump’s accusations – was not a farfetched prediction. But the idea that a fraudulent election would not and could not occur at the hands of Democrats? That could never have been known. And certainly the last people one should trust to reassure us on that score would be those Democrats themselves or their “bipartisan” NeverTrump GOPe allies.

And yet that’s what the people who ran the conspiracy to “fortify” the election say we should do – trust them. And that’s what Molly Ball of Time is saying, too.

What’s more, if that was in fact their big pre-election concern – that Trump would falsely accuse the Democrats of cheating, and throw the post-election transition into an uproar – what would be the best way to prevent that and reassure the American people that all was actually on the up-and-up with the vote? Why, make sure the voting process was hyper-secure and hyper-protected against fraud or even the suspicion of fraud. What did the Democrats do instead? They mounted a full-court press to relax the voting rules in ways that were bound to cause suspicion. Here’s how the article tells it . . . .
. . .
So, while they claim to have been motivated in this huge conspiratorial enterprise by the idea of protecting the public from believing in Trump’s obviously-bogus fraud claims of the future, they simultaneously made those claims far more credible. They also made it far more possible to actually accomplish voting fraud.

Doesn’t that seem just a bit paradoxical?

Unless they were trying to create the excuse. That's giving them a lot of credit for foresight. Insty, INSTITUTIONALIZED FAILURE: 2020 Election Fiasco Favored Democrats, So Now Congress Is Working To Make Sloppiness Permanent.

“A new congressional bill seeks to grant Democrats the power to overhaul state election processes and impose new regulations on political advertisements and donors, granting Congress ‘ultimate supervisory power over federal elections’.”

They must think the GOP will never take Congress back.

AllahPundit is surprised,  Marjorie Taylor Greene More Popular Within GOP After Dems Kick Her Off Committees. Insty, IF YOU STRIKE ME DOWN, I SHALL BECOME MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE: "Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Gains Popularity With Republican Voters Following Committee Fight: Georgia freshman is now as prominent nationwide as House GOP leaders." Althouse deigns to notice. At least she makes the right enemies. 

More at the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.10.21 and JJ Sefton's The Morning Report - 2/11/21 at Aces, of course, 

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