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Russiagate All Flynn All the Time

Pretty much. Byron York at WaEx has the Special Michael Flynn Vindication Edition to his Daily  Memo newsletter
Now, Flynn has newly-released evidence on his side. And Judge Sullivan faces a choice. Should he go ahead with Flynn's long-delayed sentencing? Does he grant Flynn's request to withdraw his guilty plea? Does he throw out the case altogether?

Sullivan might stick to his old, tough line and sentence Flynn. Just because a lot of Republicans are excited about the Flynn revelations does not mean the judge has to change his position. If, however, Sullivan chooses to let Flynn withdraw his plea, that would toss the hot potato to the Justice Department, which would have to decide whether to try Flynn. Would they really want to go to trial with all the evidence of FBI dirty tricks? Or Sullivan could just wash his hands of it all and throw the case out altogether.
In my world, Sullivan would throw the case out with prejudice, and sanction the prosecution for withholding and slow walking the Brady material that he demanded they give the defense. Eli Lake at Bloomberg, The Case Against Michael Flynn Now Looks a Lot Weaker "The FBI applied the squeeze in a way that undermines the rule of law." No, it looks more like a case against the FBI. Andy McCarthy, from Da Hill, Something seems rotten in Flynn's case — and maybe others, too. As a former federal prosecutor, he was late to the party, but I'm glad he made. Ace, Devin Nunes: It's Time To Criminally Investigate Every Single Motherfucker Involved in the Michael Flynn Persecution "And if any one of these motherfuckers says something that's slightly different from a previous statement, throw them in jail.. And pre-dawn televised SWAT raids for the lot of them." What comes around goes around. As Howie Carr at the BH reminds us FBI railroading Americans, but we knew that here in Boston
At ET, Roger L instructs us as to Why Michael Flynn Was Set Up
During the transition, it is said Obama gave Trump two pieces of advice on whom he considered to be the current greatest threats to the United States, so the new president could be forearmed—Kim Jong-un and Michael Flynn.

Michael Flynn? (I’d add several exclamation points and question marks, but it’s tacky.). Why would he be of anywhere near that importance to be put in the same conversation as the nuclear-armed dictator of North Korea?

The answer, I believe, is a four letter word: Iran.

The Iran Deal (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA) was, with the Affordable Care Act, one of the twin pillars of Obama’s presidency on which he wanted to base his legacy.

I’m not going into here the many theories of why, beyond that legacy, Obama was so attached to the JCPOA, but, by the time Trump was elected, it was already under heavy criticism due to the Islamic Republic’s violent activities in the Syrian civil war and elsewhere, arming Hezbollah, Hamas, the Houthis and other proxies with moneys that came via America and—naive as it now sounds—were supposed to be for the improvement of the lives of the Iranian people.

Flynn was known to have been one of the most adamant opponents of the Iran Deal within the Obama administration in the first place and, with his military record as a three-star general plus aforementioned intelligence expertise, perhaps the most powerful one.

So bringing down Flynn was a two-for, striking a blow at the new president while hopefully helping to preserve the Iran Deal. The second part didn’t work, but the first did… for a while.
while sundance offers a much more elaborate scheme,  Why Was Flynn Targeted? – A Timeline Review of the Three Phases…., although I'm not sure he ever really gets to the point. Dr. John at Flopping Aces, Why did obama/brennan/clapper/comey want Flynn out of the way? This is why
Last night on Tucker Carlson Andy McCarthy offered us a reason ( begins at about16:00) .
“Flynn was not the objective. He was the obstacle.”
The incoming administration was full of newcomers and inexperience dealing with political structure and intelligence. There was only one person with intelligence experience and lots of it.

Gen. Michael Flynn.

He knew how it all worked and in order to be able to complete the plot against Trump Flynn had to be taken out of the way.
News to me from Capt. Ed at Hot Air, Sessions: I Warned Trump To Fire Comey “From Virtually Day One”
Hollywood in Toto, Can Comey Miniseries ‘A Higher Loyalty’ Survive the Truth? "The TV version of the disgraced FBI leader's memoir faces serious hurdles" Since when has the truth been an objective in Hollywood?
Will “A Higher Loyalty” touch on the criminal prosecution of Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, for example?

In recent days we’ve learned some shocking details from that case, material that not only could exonerate Flynn but casts Comey’s FBI tenure in a disgraceful light.
At Da Signal, Chuck Ross provided a recap of the latest, Text Messages Reveal Peter Strzok Intervened in FBI’s Planned Closure of Michael Flynn Investigation, likely at Comey's/McCabe's behest, and possibly Obama's. Also, from da Caller, Secret FBI Source Provided Information On Michael Flynn Visit To UK. Stefan Halper, using DOD money.

From Fox News, Flynn bombshell puts renewed attention on Durham probe, source says Barr talking to him ‘every day’. Now let's hope it comes to something. Too many of these probes don't
A source told Fox News Friday that the president would prefer Flynn be “exonerated” by the justice system.

“They would prefer that he be exonerated because then it’s an exoneration by judicial process and not a pardon from a friend, or a coconspirator as some would allege,” the source said. “It would have more value from a public policy standpoint if the courts do it.”

The source added: “Obviously if that happens then the exoneration has credibility.”
Gigi Sims has an interesting Twitter thread concerning Flynn's former law firm, Covington, and it's intimate ties to the DOJ.  Many American’s toil in frustration over the US govt’s criminal enterprise faced w/the reality of their powerlessness as govt officials make, then skirt, & weaponize the law against private citizens or their political opponents w/o ever spending a day in jail themselves.

Sundance, Maria Bartiromo Interviews Sidney Powell on Latest Flynn Discoveries…

As Ms. Powell noted, yesterday afternoon Judge Sullivan ordered Powell to stop any further filings with the court until the DOJ affirms they have presented all evidence to her.  Sullivan doesn’t want the drip, drip, drip, of damaging documents.
So now all the DOJ has to do is to keep promising documents, and not delivering. That doesn't sound good. Randal Elaison from WaPoo, No, Michael Flynn wasn’t ‘set up’
The claim that Flynn was “set up” assumes there was no legitimate reason for his interview, that it was all just a trap. That’s plainly not true. Flynn was a critical witness in a highly sensitive investigation. The FBI knew he had at least some contacts with the Russian ambassador while working for Trump. Even though agents had a recording of a call between Flynn and the ambassador, an interview was essential to ask the many follow-up questions, such as: Who asked you to make the call? What was done as a result of the call? Were there other calls or meetings? It would have been investigative malpractice for the FBI not to interview Flynn. Isolated, cryptic notes about interview strategy don’t change that fact.
Andy Weissman whines that Trump shouldn't be allowed to undo any of his damage, Daniel Chaitin at WaEx, 'In bed with the president': Top Mueller prosecutor says Trump has 'no business' pardoning Flynn. And it's not a former DOJ prosecutor's business to tell the President who to pardon.

Dan Bongino interviews the President:

Flynn stuff starts at about 28 min.

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