Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Russiagate: The Defenestration of Flynn

Defenestration, there's a lot of that going around these days, real and metaphorical. I can think of some candidates.

Breitbart, Sidney Powell: Comey & Co. Committed Prosecutable Crimes in Targeting Flynn, Trump. Yes, they're mostly very clever lawyers, but the legal code is so arcane they're bound to have slipped up somewhere.

James Gagliano, WaEx, Michael Flynn was railroaded by Comey's FBI
The time has come to cease affording the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane team generous benefit of the doubt. A steady stream of unflattering revelations, beginning with a report by the Justice Department's inspector general into egregious FISA abuses last December, has relentlessly pounded the reputation of my former agency. Now, further irrefutable proof emerges that a small cabal of FBI headquarters decision-makers was hellbent on undoing a presidency.

I know it sounds strange to hear me make such an accusation. I’m the guy who long attempted to thread the needle, accounting for honest human frailties, trusting that mistakes should not always be chalked up to malice or sinister intent. Cautious skepticism was a default mindset that served me well across a quarter century as an FBI investigator. That condition failed me here because one thing is clear.

Michael Flynn got railroaded.
Jed Babbin at AmSpec doesn't spare any words, Comey’s Stalinists - Jail time is all they should have to look forward to. Nor does Christopher Roach at AmGreat, In Dealing with Flynn, Comey’s FBI Acted Like the KGB. Show me the the man. . .
What happened to Flynn is quite simply an atrocity. Everyone responsible should lose their jobs, if Flynn’s lawyers betrayed their client they should be disbarred, and the whole crew of plotters should be hauled off to jail. And Michael Flynn deserves his job back.
And he needs to win a huge verdict against the DOJ and the plotters to get all the money he spent on his defense back, plus massive punitive damages. I can dream, can't I?

Gregg Re at Fox, Republicans demand interviews with FBI's Priestap, Pientka after bombshell Michael Flynn revelations. That would be a start. But it won't happen because Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler own the House. Also, Flynn bombshells cast doubt on Mueller prosecutor Brandon Van Grack's compliance with court order. It's pretty clear the DOJ withheld Brady material long after Judge Sullivan ordered it's release. But did Von Grack hold it up, or did someone else higher within DOJ still on team Crossfire? But Von Grack worked for Mueller, and likely had insider knowledge. Put 'em all in jail and let WuFlu sort it out. The issue is also raised by sundance at CTH, Walls Closing In Around FBI Director Chris Wray as Documents Show His Enabling of Corrupt FBI Objectives…. It doesn't go much higher than Wray anymore. Either Wray is complicit, or he's not properly supervising the FBI; either way, he should go, after a suitable public humiliation.

At Da Caller, Chuck Ross reports Text Message In Mueller Report Has Proved Expensive For Ex-Trump Business Partner
Giorgi Rtskhiladze’s text message to former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen days before the 2016 election has been an expensive one.

The Georgian-American businessman says he has spent more than $100,000 on legal fees, on top of the damage to his reputation and businesses, as a result of the Oct. 30, 2016 text message to Cohen.

The message is quoted in the special counsel’s report, and was interpreted by President Trump’s critics as a possible reference to the Steele dossier’s most salacious allegation: that the Kremlin has video tapes of Trump with prostitutes in Moscow.

“Stopped flow of some tapes from Russia but not sure if there’s anything else. Just so u know,” Rtskhiladze wrote in the text message cited in the special counsel’s report.

While liberal commentators like MSNBC host Rachel Maddow seized on the text message, Rtskhiladze says that he had no direct knowledge of Trump-related tapes and that his full exchange with Cohen shows it.

“It would be laughable if it wasn’t devastating for me and my family,” Rtskhiladze told The Daily Caller News Foundation in a phone interview. “Although I had nothing to do with the Steele dossier, the Mueller team connected my isolated text message about some gossip I heard from a friend in Moscow about some tapes I’ve never seen or believed ever existed and built the case against me, tainting my name forever.”

Rtskhiladze is now waging a reputation rehabilitation campaign. He’s out with a memoir, “Kompromat,” detailing his life as an immigrant from Georgia, his partnership with the Trump Organization, and his interactions with the special counsel over his text message.

He’s also calling on Attorney General William Barr to formally apologize over the descriptions of him in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report of the Russia probe.
One of the sub-goals of the Mueller team appears to have been to ruin Trump's friends lives.

Sara Carter, Sergei Millian Is No Longer Hiding, Tells This Reporter British Spy Expert Is Giving ‘100 percent false information about me.’

On da Hill, Maggie Miller whines that Ratcliffe refuses to say whether Russian election interference favored Trump. Like having an open mind is a bad thing or something. WaPoo, Ratcliffe vows to ‘speak truth to power’ if confirmed as intelligence chief. Speaking truth to powerful Democrats is bad, though.

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