Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Tuesday Tunes from Lola Astanova

Fro one of those WuFlu Facebook posts:

She's the real deal:
With a direct pianistic lineage back to Franz Liszt and a distinct visual flair, Lola Astanova has perfected a riveting and deeply emotional style that hearkens back to the old masters.

Her superb piano technique, combined with deep musical sensuality and a unique sense of fashion have helped Lola to forge an exhilarating international career and re-define what it means to be a modern day virtuoso. Performing the most exclusive classical concerts in the world and collaborating with the best orchestras, as well as mainstream and crossover artists, Lola has captured the hearts of music lovers in every corner of the globe.

And while today she is by far the most watched and talked about virtuoso in the world, Lola remains true to her musical roots and her desire to make every performance “a passionate love affair…”
It's a pleasure to watch someone who is so good at her art:

Wombat has a grand catch up post, Rule 5 Sunday: Sarah Rose McDaniel at The Other McCain.

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