Friday, May 22, 2020

Fresh Support for Cold-WuFlu Cross Immunity Hypothesis

I just love Ace's explanation: Could You Have Picked Up a Resistance to Covid... Without Having Ever Been Infected with Covid?
A new paper suggests that 40-60% of the population already has T-cells which are activated to defend against covid, even though they've never actually encountered covid-19, because covid-19 is so similar to other coronaviruses.

To explain this on a fairly technical level which might lose some readers:

T-cells identify viruses by the little doodads sticking out of their bulbous bits, and I think the ideas is that these other coronaviruses have doodads which are not exactly like covid's but which are close enough to covid's that T-cells know to treat it as enemy (and block those doodads so they can't jimmy their way into healthy cells).

I had previously discarded this hypothesis based on the evidence of extremely high WuFlu prevalence in some prisons, 70%+  but with very high numbers of asymptomatic cases.

But what if they're infected but fighting it off without much trouble thanks to previous corona-virus infections?

When the facts change . . .

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