Thursday, May 7, 2020

Gov. Hogan Begins Opening of Maryland - Recreational Boating Allowed

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan Says COVID-19 Hospitalizations Decreasing, ICU Numbers Flattening

Maryland is starting to see a decrease in hospitalizations and a “flattening of the curve” when it comes to intensive care cases, Gov. Larry Hogan announced Wednesday.

“When I introduced the roadmap to recovery, I said that if Marylanders continued staying home and continued practicing social distancing I was hopeful that the key numbers we were tracking the rate of hospitalizations and the number of patients in ICU would potentially plateau, perhaps as early as early May,” Hogan said. “Fortunately, we are beginning to see those encouraging numbers.”

“Over the past seven days, we have seen a good trend and hospitalizations, with five straight days downward. And then a little bump up yesterday. But overall, we are down slightly from where we were a week ago,” Hogan continued. “Even more encouraging is that our ICU numbers have been basically flat level at a plateau for eight straight days.”

If these trends continue into next week, Hogan said he will be ready to lift the stay at home order and to begin stage one of the state’s recovery plan.

Although the stay at home order remains, Hogan announced that starting 7 a.m. Thursday restrictions will be lifted on some low-risk activities like golfing, playing tennis, going boating, fishing and camping and participate in other outdoor activities. The state will also reopen its state parks and beaches.
It's about time.

From the Maryland CoVid-19 Data Dashboard. Total cases has had a relatively stable increase at about 1000 per day. With 6 million population, that's about 6000 days, or 16 years before everyone get it. The curve has been flattened.

Total beds, acute care beds and ICY beds at hospitals is now stable

And most important, deaths, which tends to trail infections by 3 weeks, are down, over the last two weeks.

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