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Russiagate: Flynn Judge Ordered to Explain

A big development in the Flynn case today. Let me go first to the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.21.20, where Twitchy informs us that Appeals Court Gives Judge Sullivan Ten Days To Explain WTF He’s Doing With The Flynn Case, and Herr Professor at LI  tells us Appeals Court Orders Judge Emmet Sullivan To Explain His Actions In Michael Flynn Case well before the deadlines set for the amicus curae briefs and oral arguments.  That said, the best coverage of it seems to be at Hot Air, DC Appeals Court Orders Judge Sullivan To Respond To Flynn’s Request For A Dismissal, where  tweets from The UndercoverHuber, Jonathon Turley and others suggests that the Appeals court is pretty pissed at Judge Sullivan, and is taking the most drastic step available to them to bring him to heel. So he has 10 days to marshal his excuses.  Plenty more coverage at Ace, in red italic font and with a flaming skull, Appeals Court Orders Lawless Lunatic Emmet Sullivan To Explain His Erratic Actions in Flynn Case, Sara Carter, DC Circuit Court Orders Sullivan To Respond To Flynn’s Appeal To Dismiss Case and Sundance, DC Circuit Panel Orders Judge Sullivan To Respond Within 10 Days…. Curiously, it does not seem to be of any interest to the Washington Post this morning... Sundance leaves us with Sidney Powell Discusses Latest Flynn Revelations and Judicial Proceedings…

As noted by Breitbart, Michael Flynn’s Lawyer Joins Susan Rice in Calling for Transcript Release while Jerry Dunleavy at WaEx reports Senate Intel Democrat (Mark Warner) calls for declassification of Flynn conversations with Russian ambassador. So, even though Rick Grenell is leaving the DNI post, I think they're coming soon.

Matt Vespa leaves us with an interesting notion, Did the Flynn Judge Refuse to Toss the Bogus Case Against Him Because of a Washington Post Op-Ed?
The Washington Post op-ed who channeled a Yogi Berra mindset with this case was co-written by David O’Neil, who also works with Gleeson at the same law firm defending DOJ resister-in-chief Yates. This op-ed dropped on May 11. Sullivan tapped Gleeson to be the ringmaster for this legal circus’ final act on May 13.

In the meantime, Flynn’s lawyers, who warned us in October, that new evidence will expose an FBI plot, filed a new petition to dismiss the case. Liberal law professor and lawyer Jonathan Turley said this case has become a total disaster and Sullivan is responsible for it devolving into a debacle. He also added that his overreach could plunge his courtroom into mob rule.
More on Susan Rice's CHOAOA letter, whose recent declassification showed interest in Flynn's prosecution by the Obama White House. Breitbart, Susan Rice’s Declassified January 2017 Email Cites No Wrongdoing by Flynn. Not even the Logan Act? At Da Blaze Declassified Susan Rice email conflicts with her statement to Congress from 2018/ Lock her up! Margot Cleveland, Da Fed, Susan Rice’s Email Proves FBI Had No Legitimate Reason To Question Flynn, which we already knew, because Bill Barr told us. Michael Goodwin at NYPo opines Susan Rice’s email exposes Team Obama’s ‘by the book’ treachery, yep.
But the move is so clumsy and ­patently obvious that it not only fails to protect the president, it actually raises more serious questions about his conduct. Remember, this is the only time where Obama is documented discussing the investigation into Flynn or any other part of the 2016 anti-Trump effort, meaning it is proof he knew about it.

That he already knew means there must have been other, earlier discussions involving him. Let’s hear about those, too. Are there more memos?

And why was Obama’s White House counsel so concerned about the need to protect him? What did Obama do that his lawyer, on the last day of his presidency, was worried about?

It’s also not clear why the section was classified until Tuesday where Rice quoted Comey as saying he had concerns about sharing intelligence information about Russia with Flynn. Given what we’ve learned in the last three years about the grand scheme of things, that section is less important than the fact that the meeting was in the Oval Office and Obama and Biden were there.
Mr. Ethics has been strangely quiet as of late, Fox, Comey mum on email suggesting move to freeze out Flynn, as Rice says she ignored advice. Perhaps he's wise enough to know the the first law of holes. And some new revelations from Comey's FBI from Chuck Ross at Da Caller, FBI Offered To Pay Christopher Steele ‘Significantly’ To Dig Up Dirt On Flynn
An FBI offer to pay former British spy Christopher Steele to collect intelligence on Michael Flynn in the weeks before the 2016 election has been one of the more overlooked revelations in a Justice Department inspector general’s report released in December.

The reference to the FBI proposal, which was made in an Oct. 3, 2016, meeting in an unidentified European city, has received virtually no press attention. But it might have new significance following the recent release of government documents that show that Steele peddled an unfounded rumor that Flynn had an extramarital affair with a Russian woman in the United Kingdom.
Ace is gonna run out of red ink, FBI Offered to Pay Christopher Steele "Significantly" To Dig Up Dirt On... Michael Flynn, "Why does Christopher Wray still have a job? Or his physical freedom? All he does is cover up crimes. Covering up a crime is itself a crime." Matt Margolis, PJ Media, The Obamagate Scandal Just Got Even Dirtier.

CNS News concludes, Sen. Ron Johnson: ‘The Transition Was Really Designed to Sabotage and Really Upend the New Administration’. Well, duh! Kristina Skurk at Da Fed lists 6 Ways The Obama Administration Railroaded The Rule Of Law To Destroy Michael Flynn. Tablet Magazine explains How Russiagate Began With Obama’s Iran Deal Domestic Spying Campaign "Michael Flynn posed a threat to the former president’s legacy and was made to pay for it." DaTechGuy blog, So it Was It All Insurance
Put simply a corrupt Chicago Pol and his corrupt cronies went all in on corruption in order to prevent the election of Donald Trump and when that failed went all in on Russia in order to provide insurance that their previous corruption would not be uncovered.

All of what we have seen for the last three years, every single bit of this has apparently been about protecting the asses of a bunch of Chicago thugs who used the power of the federal government against their political foes and don’t want to be caught.
Tyler O'Neil at PJ, Why Does This Ted Cruz Tweet Make Obama Officials So Nervous?
And we'll leave the subject of Michael Flynn with this offering from Sundance, Devin Nunes Discusses ‘Spygate’, Flynn and Obama-Era Intelligence Corruption….

R. Emmet Tyrell, Am Spec, The Hunting of the Snark President, "Scores of bad actors first want to take out the attorney general." Front Page Mag, Video: Obamagate – The Coup Attempt Against Trump Unveiled.

And who says the Senate can't move when they're properly motivated? Dan Chaitin and Jerry Dunleavy at WaEx, Sped-up confirmation vote threatens to cut short Richard Grenell's declassification spree. Brooke Singman at Fox, Senate confirms Ratcliffe as next director of national intelligence. Ace, Senate Confirms John Ratcliffe as New Director of National Intelligence "A friend says, "Boy, it looks like Senators were really eager to get Ric Grennel out of his job as acting DNI." Sundance, Quick Moves – Full Senate Confirms John Ratcliffe as Director of National Intelligence…. "FBI Director Grenell does have a nice ring to it." Thanks for all, Rick!

Following records requests from Fox News about documents related to Tara Reade's allegations against Joe Biden, the University of Delaware refused to provide any documents from its collection of Biden's senatorial papers, citing a provision in state law that purportedly exempts the school from requests not related to "public funds."
And a reminder from OAN, Yovanovitch Failed To Mention Ties To Biden’s Burisma Oil. Lock her up, too! Also from Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.21.20, American Thinker: Joe Biden’s Ukraine Scandal Is Exploding

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