Friday, May 15, 2020

Fish Pic Friday - Hannah Barron

Cuter than most buttons
Well fish and other stuff. She was also in last week's Alligator post.  I got this email from brother Ted:
OK, I've watched some more of Hannah Barron's video (hunting, fishing, cleaning Gar and Stingray and Noodling catfish) and I have one thing to say and one question to ask.

Say. 1) She is cute as a button.

Ask. 1) When you "Noodle" Catfish how the hell do you know if you are sticking your hand in a hole with a catfish and not a snapping turtle?

Hannah and her father have at least one video of them trapping snapping turtles.

And no, if instead of Hannah the videos were of some 60year old neckbeard I would not watch them.

We all catch a few throw backs
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How do you lift a catfish that big? 

You call that a gun? This is a gun!

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