Sunday, May 31, 2020

Another Day at the Beach

Another gorgeous day to end May here in Slower Maryland, about 70 F, low humidity, sunny, with a light NW breeze. Even so, the crowds were only about half of what they were yesterday.
From the shadows behind the cliffs at Matoaka.  We found 23 shark's teeth, but nothing special.
Georgia and Skye ahead on the way back to back to the parking lot.
The surprise of the day. I spotted this wet butterfly in the surf, and picked it up. It turn out to be a fairly rare White-M Hairstreak, which has brilliant blue-green upper side, which you rarely see because they keep their wings most up when not flying. I let it crawl on my hand as I walked up the beach. Once I showed it to Georgia at the parking lot, it flew off. Rescue achieved!
Social distancing, Slower Maryland style.

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