Thursday, June 2, 2016

Beach Bunny Bonanza

A few beach pictures from the last two days. Yesterday was bright, mostly clear, warm and humid. Not a lot of wind although . . .
There was a large thunderstorm across the Bay on the Delmarva, which towered over the eastern sky. I was worried it might get us, but it never crossed they Bay, at least according to the radar.
A lab or Chessie in it's natural habitat. It really wanted to meet Skye and vice versa, but Georgia and it's owner worked hard to thwart their plans
Another Spicebush Swallowtail butterfly, puddling in the mud.
Today was much cloudier, not as warm, but just as humid. I went with Skye alone, as Georgia went shopping. I did pretty well on fossils despite being tugged by Skye, 14 teeth.
I spotted this beach bunny munching the Kudzu. I was lucky not to alert Skye and suffer an arm socket over extension. Thank goodness for zoom lenses.
A Spring Azure. Or is it a Summer Azure? Heck, I can never tell. If it's Spring, I guess they're a Spring Azure, and so on.

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