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Increasing the Chocolate Ration Downward at

A lovely morning here, after a quick moving thunderstorm hit us last night, and gave us 2 1/4 inches of rain in about a half hour. The same storm flooded the already troubled Washington D.C. Metro system, sending water cascading into one of the stations.

Clinton Foundation Said to Be Breached by Russian Hackers. But I'm sure all the state secrets on Hillary's basement server were perfectly safe.
The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation was among the organizations breached by suspected Russian hackers in a dragnet of the U.S. political apparatus ahead of the November election, according to three people familiar with the matter.

The attacks on the foundation’s network, as well as those of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, compound concerns about her digital security even as the FBI continues to investigate her use of a personal e-mail server while she was secretary of state.
Among the things hacked in the latest Russian cyberattack on the DNC and the Clinton Foundation were DNC investigations of Clinton's travel and speeches. So now they know who owes who and how much. One Secret 42-Page Memo Reveals Clinton Foundation Scandal ‘Vulnerabilities’ for Hillary Clinton.

Revolt by Security Personnel May Define Hillary as the Weak Candidate Help, help, the bureaucrats are revolting! "Good news: America still has federal employees who will risk their careers to express profound disagreement with major policy errors." And the public isn't so thrilled either: CROOKED HILLARY: CNN poll shows public trust deteriorating on Emailgate.

Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: 06.21.16" helpfully provides Eleanor Mondale and Bill Clinton and Monica LewinskyThe Insidious Power Of The Media’s Disinformation Campaign For Hillary Clinton, in addition to myriad non-Clintonian follies, while Larwyn's Linx sends up Uh Oh --- Democrat Terrorist Mateen a Clinton SupporterHillary slams Obama economy in major speechDossier on Hillary Clinton from DNCDNC Researched Clinton Speeches, Travel RecordsState Dept. sued over failure to recover deleted Clinton emailsThe Insidious Power of the Media Disinformation Campaign for Hillary ClintonBenghazi Hero Kris Paronto Blasts Hillary Supporter That Dismissed Benghazi75 Years to Produce Clinton Emails? RNC’s Response to State Dept. is Pretty Epic, and 'If It's Hillary Clinton It's War,' Says Vladimir Putin To Frightened Russian People:

More tales from the Secret Service agent Gary Byrne’s book. Sacrilege! Raging Hillary Clinton Threw Bible at Agent’s Colleague. And she wants to control the nuclear arsenal. And Secret Service officer tells how Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were caught having sex on Oval Office desk and how the intern was transferred to work for HILLARY - but the President brought her back to the West Wing in a PAID position. The book "Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate" is to be released Monday, June 27. Hillary's campaign is not amused "'It's trash for cash,' a campaign official warned one producer." Neither was Politico; "Secret Service veterans denounce anti-Clinton tell-all book" "Former agents blast writer Gary Byrne for having 'underlying motives.'" And Deep Throat (aka Mark Felt) was just a disgruntled FBI agent with a grudge. Which doesn't mean he wasn't right.

Breaking the talking points, Latino radio host tells Hillary — his family’s voting for Trump! Because even Mexican-Americans prefer honest businessmen to crooks.

Not knowing when to stop digging deeper, Juanita Broaddrick gets daily fundraising call from Hillary’s campaign. Just because my husband raped you is no reason not to vote for the vagina!

Via Instapundit, Ann Althouse:
Snippet from the new CNN poll showing who’s better — Clinton or Trump? — on the economy, terrorism, immigration, and foreign policy. “Note that Clinton lost ground on all of these important matters, and she’s below Trump on what may be the 2 most important things — the economy and terrorism. Trump picked up 3 points on terrorism while Clinton lost 5 in this survey that was taken after the Orlando massacre.”

Plus: “I just got email from something called the ‘Conservative Campaign’ saying: ‘A series of new polls show Hillary Clinton with a growing lead, including a new Monmouth poll out today showing her up by 8%.’ But the previous Monmouth poll had her up by 10.”

So her lead, like the chocolate ration, has been increased from 10 to 8. . . .
Another Altouse comment, in response to The NYT reports: "Donald J. Trump enters the general election campaign laboring under the worst financial and organizational disadvantage of any major party nominee in recent history..."
Yeah, well, at least it deprives Hillary Clinton of her big talking point about that terrible Citizens United case.
Money in politics is bad, right up to the point that it's your politician. In response, Donald Trump claimed Hillary Clinton is raising "blood money", and accused her of laundering State Dept. money to Bill.
"She will do horribly on the economy. You look at what she did as Secretary of State. What China did to this country it was pillage. They pillaged this country," Trump said.

Asked how he can run a campaign without adequate fundraising, Trump said he's not concerned with raising money.

"I don't want to devote the rest of my life to raising money from people," he told O'Donnell. "All of the money [Clinton] is raising is blood money."

I'd just move the scare quotes from "President Trump" to "progress."

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