Saturday, June 11, 2016

Obama Admin Aspires to Bring Inner City Living to Countryside

In its final months, the Obama administration has set up a strategy to bring inner city living to the suburbs by deploying three federal agencies to dictate to states and local communities how to set up schools, housing and mass transit.

It’s all part of a federal push to reduce economic and racial segregation in favor of diversity.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) expanded the reach of its Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule to two other federal agencies: the Department of Transportation and the Department of Education.

AFFH is a rule established by HUD last year that requires any nationwide locality that receives block grant funding from the agency to rezone neighborhoods based on income and racial prerequisites. It’s based on the 40-year-old Fair Housing Act.
. . .
In a joint letter released at the beginning of the week, the secretaries of the three agencies called on local leaders to use the AFFH rule as a vehicle to push state and local officials to abide by federal recommendations in planning to to develop residential, commercial and school sites.

State and local educational agencies, for example, are urged to develop “boundary-free open enrollment or lottery schools when drawing school attendance boundaries, and selecting sites for such a programs like charter schools or magnet school.”

The three federal agencies also want their local and state education officials to “consult with transportation and housing authorities and housing development agencies” when planning a school site.

The federal authorities want local and state transportation officials to create mass transit plans and more public transportation routes, as well as include local school districts, housing authorities, Head Start programs, community colleges and similar entities in putting together the mass transit plan.
Urban voters are much more reliably Democrats than suburban and rural voters. Hence the push to make us all inner city residents dependent on federal government largess.

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