Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Another Storm, Another Sewage Overflow from Baltimore

Today’s Yesterday's storm: sewage spews into the Middle Branch
“When the thunderstorm started today, I looked over there to see if it would happen again,” said Woollen. “Sure enough, there it was.”

The engineer said he knew  sewage was mixed into the gushing runoff because of the telltale odor.

“It was definitely smelly,” he said. “It subsided after a while.”

Woollen sent some photos and videos of the outflow to The Brew hoping to shine additional light on an issue that’s been in the news lately – Baltimore’s sewage backups into inland basements and repeated sewage spills into city waterways and Chesapeake Bay.

“Hopefully this can bring further attention to our aging infrastructure,” said Woollen, a sailor who noted that water around Port Covington can be crystal clear and filled with marine life.
It happens every time it rains hard, and yet the regulators are focusing on agriculture.

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