Saturday, June 25, 2016

Half Way to Christmas at the Beach, June 25, 2016

Before lunch today, Skye "persuaded" us to go down to the beach for a walk. Not a bad choice, it's sunny, 75 F and a bit breezy, from the east.
 Like most nice summer weekends, it was pretty well used, not like winter, when we mostly have it to ourselves.
 Somebody has been watching "Game of Thrones". Now all they need is some blood.
Seconds after this shot, a wave broke over Skye and drenched her all over.
 Serious fossil hunters, with actual sieves. It was a rather poor day for us, with only three teeth.
A few seconds after I took this picture, the eagle dived to the water and grabbed a fish, a task he or she probably took on because there were no Ospreys nearby to steal from.
 This Sheltie needed a higher vantage point to watch Skye from. The picnic table was perfect.
Mmmm, crab flavored potato chips! How Maryland can you get?

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