Saturday, June 18, 2016

Beach Report 6/18/16

Another gorgeous day at the beach. Mid 70's and low humidity,  cloudless, barely breezy. A perfect day for the beach, and we had a pretty good crowd to show for it.
Skye desperately wanted off the leach to play with this one.
 A family paddle.
 Georgia discussing the important neighborhood politics with Gary, the President of the Water Cooperative. Gary also took Skye out for a short paddle. While she can swim, she doesn't seem to want to do it for very long. As I've noted before, back in Siberia, if Huskies had to swim, it was rarely a good thing.
The coolest kid on the beach with the coolest kayak
 After a big start in a warm April, butterflies seemed to go away for a while during some cool weather, and it seems like they're just getting going again. This is an American Lady visiting some wild Milkweed in the dunes.
Identification: Upperside with uneven brown, yellow, and orange pattern. Forewing with a black apical patch, a small white spot in the orange field below the patch, and a white bar at the leading edge of the forewing. Underside of hindwing with two large eyespots. Winter form is smaller and paler, summer form larger with brighter coloring.

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