Thursday, August 6, 2015

Tide Pooling

We had a much more typical morning here in Pismo Beach than we have had the past few day, overcast and coolish. Georgia, Corwin and I decided to check out the tide pools in the rocks down at the the north end of the beach.
 Our intrepid explorers
The rocks, a jumble of large pieces of Pismo Tuff fallen from the cliff, have heavy growths of California Mussels, as well as several species of barnacles and algae.
 At the bottom was some coral-like encrustations of sand made by worms, who use the sand to make tubes.
A favorite, the Giant Green Sea Anemone Anthropleura xanthogrammica. The green color comes from symbiotic algae that live in its tissues and make food for both the algae and the sea anemone using photosynthesis.
 Taking the easy way.
 Shore crabs (probably Striped Shore Crabs) shelter in crevices in the rocks.
And Brown Pelicans occupy the rocks and patrol the air.
Looking out from one of the large caves carved into the cliffs by the waves.

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