Friday, August 28, 2015

Some Things are Just So Predictable

Feminist Blames the Patriarchy for Roanoke Killings
Susan Cox (@Blasfemmey) writes for Feminist Current:
More male violence against women; reporter Alison Parker killed during live broadcast Virginia TV reporter, Alison Parker, was shot dead during a live broadcast by a man who formerly worked at the same news station. Also killed was camera man Adam Ward. There are no words for this ever-increasing death toll of women killed by men who felt entitled to take their lives.
Previously, Ms. Cox wrote on Twitter:

“This crime is no doubt linked to the misogyny for female reporters of men trying to silence them.” . . .
When all you are is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Vester Flannagan was a small, angry man, a failure who knew deep down that his failure  was caused by affirmative action getting him into a position he was not suited to fulfill, and further enraged by agitiation from the gay rights and black lives matter movements. While gay, animus to women in general was not his issue.

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