Sunday, August 30, 2015

Judge Orders IRS to Fess Up To White House Connections

If they exist. Believe it or not, the IRS has been holding out on whether the White House asked them for confidential tax payer information on the grounds that it would endanger taxpayer tax information:

IRS must say if White House sought taxpayers’ information: Judge
A federal judge Friday ordered the IRS to turn over the records of any requests from the White House seeking taxpayers’ private information from the tax agency, delivering a victory to a group that for two years has been trying to pry the data loose.

It’s not clear that there were any such requests — but Judge Amy Berman Jackson said the IRS cannot just refuse to say so by citing taxpayer confidentiality laws, known as section 6103 of the tax code.
. . .
Cause of Action sued in 2013 to get a look at whatever requests the White House, or other federal agencies, had made.

The IRS refused, saying even the existence of those requests would be protected by confidentiality laws and couldn’t be released, so there was no reason to make the search.

The judge said Friday, however, that the agency couldn’t use the privacy protection “to shield the very misconduct it was enacted to prohibit.”
The IRS, or at least important parts of it, have become a weaponized, government fund attack arm of the Democratic party. Republicans need to expose and attack that arm of the organization, if necessary defunding it.

I'm sure that Obama can stretch this past the next election with some creative obstructionism, and then hope his chosen heir declines to root out the malefactors, or hope Republicans are unable to get continued support in the courts.

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