Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Twenty Years a Roadie

Back when Alex was a mere 14 year old (or thereabouts) it was often my job to take him and his band and their gear to gigs.  So almost a generation later, Alex is the owner of his own Music Center, U Rock Music Center in McMurray Pennsylvania, and on Sunday, I found myself back in the old role, filling the SUV with gear for his students Summer Showcase, held at one of the local eating establishments, Frank I's Bar and Grille. They had some 16 performers (out of 85 students) from 4 different instructors. I took a couple of videos of the band that he has spent the summer working on how to play together:

Alex, of course, is the adultish on the left. The lead singer was supposed to play guitar before an unfortunate dirt bike accident the day before.

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